Sunday, July 1, 2012

Questions On the First Sabbath in July with a Pit Tootsie Bonus

There has been a whole lot going on the last week or so in this country and around the world. Some things may well be the change that the fruitloop left has been braying about for quite some time. I may or may not write down a few thoughts later in the week on various subjects.

A few questions.....

1. Will this country be recognizable after South Side Slim serves his second term?

2. Will this Obamacare actually cost me more money and/or diminish the quality of medical care I recieve.?

3. Why did the SCOTUS strike down parts of the Arizona anti immigration law? Doesn't it essentially mirror federal law?

4. Is this Holder really a criminal or is he just a victim of politics as usual?

5. Isn't ironic that the ATF (again) is implicated in incompetence?

6. The "hope and change" that is the "Arab Spring" will at some point lead this country into a bloody conflict. How can the fruitloops among us not see that Muslim "democracy" can be a danger to the Western way?

7. Will the Republicans ever nominate a person of substance as their presidential candidate?

8. Will the five dollar "surcharge" that city govt of Houston is to charge titty bars really going to help fund "rape kits," or will it just be another way to steal money and waste it?

9. How much will the IRS need to expand to enforce the "tax" that is associated with Obamacare?

10. When will we be taxed for the mileage we drive?

11. Will our Southern border ever be secured (ie fenced and guarded)?

12. Isn't it time we just finally repeal laws concerining the use of marijuana? Should we let those currently in jail/prison for mere possession of same back in society? Should their "criminal" records be wiped clean?

13. Is American "Imperialism" actually, in some cases, a good thing?

14. Is criminality "learned" behavior or do many people just come out of the box (so to speak) with criminal traits? Is wasting money on "reforming" those of criminal bent a foolish waste of taxpayer resources.

15. Is it racist to point out that areas with a high black population have a high violent crime rate?

16. Is Sheila Jackson Lee any more stupid and ridiculous than Frederica Wilson?

17. Is Sandra Fluke actually and indeed a slut? Is it out of bounds to ask this question?

18. Have you ever noticed that some ultra left bloggers are unemployed and this appears to be a choice (almost a badge of honor)? Do you think they are for the most part whiners and weenies? (See D r i f t g l a s s )?

19. Is Turkey a friend or foe?

20. Is it non PC to call Istanbul by its' proper name?

21. Why is my Blogger spell check thingy not working? How bad will this fuck me up? Is it something to care about?

22. How about about some nameless tarts? Pit tootsies perhaps?


Jayhawk said...

1. This country is already unrecognizeable.

2. Yes, to both parts of the question.

3. The Supreme Court struck down the AZ immigration law because it contradicted federal law.

7. No.

9. The ACA specifies that the "tax," which it calls a "penalty," is not permitted to be enforced.

11. No

19. Yes.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I wonder if it will come to pass that the penalty becomes permitted to be enforced. I never underestimate the aggresivness of any govt entity (fed, state, local)when it comes to putting their hands on my wallet.