Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bit More on Sheila Jackson Lee

I have been thinking a bit today of the esteemed Congresswoman from the Houston area - one Sheila Jackson Lee. I have pointed out before that this woman is a stupid individual and there is really no dispute. To borrow a phrase from "Groper (allegedly)Gore; "the debate is over."  Lee is one dumb ass. Now as I have stated before calling another person stupid - in open forum - is tasteless and disrespectful. In some cases an exception can be made and this is one of them.
Today a friend of mine told me that a caller on the Michael Berry show said that over the weekend Lee barged her way up uninvited to speak at some event. This is something that she is known to do on a fairly regular basis. I have seen this behavior myself.

I was bartending a party just prior to the Super Bowl in Houston a few short years ago and Lee was in attendance. The event was held at some venue that is known as "The Parador" at the corner of Almeda and Binz. At one point during the festivities Lee decides to hop up on the stage and begin speaking. This went on for ten or fifteen minutes and it was obvious that the party goers were becoming antsy. She embarrassed herself and did not even realize it. Now at the time I really was not all that familiar with the woman, but have since learned a great deal about her. She is an embarrassment to her district, the city, and the state in general. The poor woman is just dumb.
Incidentally at this same party, I met the Very "Reverend" Jesse Jackson. Shook hands with him and everything. At one point he sort of disappeared; the Parador is a big venue after all. It was rumored that he found himself a little strange and was doing the do somewhere. Glad I shook his hand before he vanished and not after he reappeared. No telling where his hand may have been.

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