Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quanell X, Michael Berry and Cold Medicine

Have you ever noticed what a pain in the ass it is to buy some brands of cold medicine now? I felt the need to make a purchase this afternoon and ended up standing in line, showing my identification and feeling like some kind of criminal because I happen to have a cold (still) and felt the need to buy some cold medicine. Of course this is because a very very tiny minority use some of the ingredients in the manufacture of meth. The rest of us have to pay to guard against the purchase for illegal purposes by a small group of people. This comes from the same government that does not make it a requirement to show identification when one goes to the polls. That is racist you see. Yet there you have it. Our government at all levels is out of control.
On the way back from this annoying little adventure I turned on the Michael Berry show. He is usually pretty entertaining especially when he gets out of hand. Well this evening he was talking for the most part about some gathering in Georgia that almost got out of control. Apparently there was a line to apply for government subsidized housing and some tempers flared. Now Berry pointed out that he did not see any white people at this gathering and of course he went into his "Black" accent, which he does probably too often. I generally find Berry amusing and agree with him about ninety percent of the time, but I must admit that when he goes into his "ethnic" dialect it does kind of disturb me a bit. It comes across as racist and no mistake. Now Berry has an adopted child of African descent and he appears to believe that this gives him somewhat a pass on such matters. Perhaps it does to some extent but not totally. Besides, and this is really the crux of the matter, his imitation of the ethnic dialect is not really very good. When I got out of the service, I worked as a 911 operator police/fire dispatcher in Louisiana and became quite adept at the dialect. I considered myself bilingual as it were. We in the "business" always conversed in this dialect to the point that it became pretty much the standard mode of conversation. I eventually accepted a position in Houston in the same field for a good bit more money and became more fluent. I have been out of that business for many years but still have to be on guard against lapsing into my adopted tongue. Not long ago my child asked me to help her find an "urange" crayon. I really should be careful. Sometimes I find myself referring to an "ambulance" as an "amalance" and once in a while, while watching a television program where there is some kind of automatic weapon brandished, I want to yell "He's got an Uzi." You see any semi automatic weapon used to be called an "Uzi." One of the most interesting calls I ever had was a woman screaming "He's got an Uzi, he's got an Uzi" over and over into the phone and I did indeed hear some semi automatic (but not automatic) gunfire in the background. I'm sure I sent both the POlice and an amalance to the scene. Those were the days. I could probably write a book on some of the things that I have heard over the years, both funny and unfortunately, quite tragic. But that is neither here nor there I guess. Getting back to Berry, today he referred to himself as "Michael X." I suppose that was in reference to there being no white people at the affair in Georgia. I guess Berry was going to advocate for them. That is of course is a play on the local loudmouth "black activist" Quanell X who seems to get himself in front of the television cameras every time there is some real or imagined "racial" issue. Now of course Mr. X's birth name was not Quanell X and I will not go into that here. The details on Mr. X are easily found with a very little effort but let it suffice to say that this man really has no business representing the "black" or any other community. He is a member of the "New Black Panther Party" and that really says it all. Apparently he was a member of the odius "Nation of Islam" at one time also. Yes a real pillar of the community, a community I might add that he does not chose to live among. Yes he is one of those suburban activists with the nice house and honky neighbors and everything. If he wants to be taken seriously he should at least walk the walk. You know, like an African American version of Horst Wessel. After all Horst belonged to a hate group also if you recall. Apparently he walked the walk as they say and lived in the poorer neighborhoods while advocating for the NAZI cause. Am I comparing Horst Wessel to Quanell X?  Not sure, just typing here and seeing where this leads. Probably not, but there are disturbing similaritites between some militant black advocacy groups and Nazi's, both real and the stupid "neo" kind. Both were/ are racists, both are virulently anti Semitic, and both tend to run around in ridiculous para military garb. Wow. See where all that took us.
Probably if the black community is in need of a spokesmen to represent them, Quannel X and those of his stripe are not the best choice. It is kind of like having David Duke be the semi official spokesman for the white community.

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