Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fruitloop Far Left are Stomping Their Little Feet

Apparently Robert Gibbs made some comments that has infuriated the lunatic far far left. Gibbs was correct in calling out the "professional left" but it has sure caused a bunch of controversy. Now I assume Mr. Gibbs is talking about the extremely vocal pantywaist extreme. For the most part, the "left of center" and most (real) Liberals are fairly sensible decent folk, but the borderline Marxist hardcore left is out to lunch. What they do not realize is that no one really takes them very seriously and in fact finds them a bit cuntish. Even a leftist administration knows better than to pander to their insanity.  Let them write on their little blogs and pout and cry on the television. All that does is confirm most people's belief that those of the hardcore left are nothing but fools.

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