Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mosque Near Ground Zero? You Are Kidding. Aren't You?

Well I guess we now are going to have the odious spectre of some sort of community(cultural) center/mosque being constructed in the vicinity of Ground Zero. Have we in this country finally lost our collective minds? This is wrong on so many levels. I, admittedly, have not paid as much attention to this issue as I probably should have. It would just seem like, in a sane country, that this would be a no brainer. Someone says they want to build a mosque, or some such shit, near Ground Zero the response would be "You must truly be high, don't bother us again with this nonsense." I guess that is not how things work in our oh so tolerant and apologetic nation. For you see somehow the attack on our soil is apparently "our fault" or so many people seem to believe. Our Fault?!! Screw You!! It looks to me that the Islamic complex is truly being built as a kind of "in your face" type of thing. It appears that the thinking is "We can build it, and you be damned." I guess they are right. It will be built no matter what the opinion of most in this country is on the issue. This is not a "local issue" as the White House seems to want to portray it. A Super Wal Mart being built across the street from your nice neighborhood is a local issue. The Mohammedan center near Ground Zero is not!
Bill Maher, who I mostly totally disagree with, often vehemently, does occasionally come up with a gem of wisdom that hits the nail on the head. In one of  his programs a good while back he said something to the effect of "Do not become so tolerant that the intolerable becomes tolerable." This may not be a direct quote but you get the gist. He was speaking of Islam at the time. The Islamic center near Ground Zero falls under the category of intolerable and is akin to a memorial to Totenkopf SS being built in the vicinity of Auschwitz.
Now here is something that perhaps the "community leaders" in NYC have not thought of. Building something like this near Ground Zero can literally put the citizens of the city at risk. Why? Because there are nuts of every stripe in this world, some quite bloody minded. Bloomberg and company probably have not considered that horrific scenario. What a bunch of  fools.
Do I sound angry and perhaps just not quite enough inclusive minded for you? We have troops in the field in harms way because of the followers of the Prophet, by God! Am I just a bit intolerant? Fuckin A!

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