Thursday, August 19, 2010

Speak of the Devil(s)

Yesterday I mentioned that I was getting a bit tired of Brett Favre and his ongoing on again off again retirement(s). It appears that now he has decided to get with the program and will be practicing with the Vikings. I believe I also mentioned that Favre reminded me a bit of Roger Clemens. Both are prima donnas and both have had some (alleged) problems with drugs apparently. Remember quite a number of years back when there was talk about Favre having some sort of issue. Have not heard anything about that in a long long time. Clemens, on the other hand, has been indicted for perjury resulting from his testimony before Congress. That is a shame, not so much for Clemens, who might after all be a scumbag, but for the sport of professional baseball. A one time highly thought of star of the game has been reduced to facing perjury charges. His image is tarnished forever whether he is innocent or no.
While this whole Clemens thing is a shame, I can't help but wondering if Congress really does not have something better to do than waste a lot of time worrying about steroids in baseball. There are quite a few prima donnas in that hallowed body that also need to be up on charges. Some for treason.
A bit more serious than doing steroids don't you think?

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