Sunday, August 22, 2010

Casino Gambling In Texas?

There really needs to be no, or at least very little, casino gambling in the State of Texas. There are those that are proponents of same and of course there are those that oppose any kind of gaming whatsoever. I think that casino type gambling is quite good for the economy in certain instances. I would be for allowing our dog and horse tracks to have some sort of on site gaming. Perhaps video poker and/or slots. It would be a boon to local tax revenues and would help revive an industry that is struggling in the state. Various Indian Tribes have opened casinos on tribal land and have been challenged, for the most part successfully, by the state. There is also I believe at least one "casino cruise" ship that sails from a port in South Texas. No problem there as far as I can see. While I fully approve of casino gambling, I just do not approve of an expansion of the industry in Texas with the exception of the aforementioned race track variety. Why? I am a Southeastern Conference man and like the fact that Texans drive to Louisiana and to a lessor extent Arkansas, (which has racetrack style casino gambling at Oaklawn and I believe the West Memphis dog track), to spend their money. I live in Texas but my heart is in the Southeastern Conference. Now Oklahoma and New Mexico also have casino gambling and if Louisiana and Arkansas did not, then I would be all for fully legalization of gaming in Texas. I would want to keep all that gambling money in state. As of now I am happy to see that money going east into the deep south- SEC territory. Besides I like to take the road trips now and again.

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Unknown said...

I think all the major city of Texas should have only one casino and no slots at other companies. Too much money goes to Nevada and Louisiana who could benefit from Texas.

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