Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Things That are Not - The Second Fifty

1. Keith Olbermann is not always wrong. Just usually.
2. Chris Mathews is not ever right.
3. Ed Schultz is not John Banner.
4. Tom DeLay is not the same person as gay porn star Little Tommy D. Allegedly.
5. Bin Laden is not dead. That is what they say.
6. France is not militarily incompetent.
7. Europe will not tolerate much more Mohammedan immigration.
8. The border is not secure.
9. President Obama is not always on vacation. It just seems so.
10. Great white sharks are not in the Gulf of Mexico.
11. Nancy Pelosi is not right in the head.
12. Maxine Waters is not very good looking.
13. The New Black Panther Party is not a terrorist organization. At least not yet.
14. The last name of Quanell X is not really "X"
15. All illegal aliens are not just "looking for work."
16. Harry Reid is not ethical.
17. John Holmes' penis was not fake.
18. Houston is not a sanctuary city. Just ask Bill White.
19. My ex-wife really did not have an affair with a muscle bound faggot. So I have been told.
20. Cameron Diaz is not so hot up close.
21. Michael Berry is not always right. He usually is though.
22. Hamas are not freedom fighters.
23. Not all Mohammedans are savages.
24. Not all Christians are good people.
25. The NFL is not better than college football.
26. Unions are not always a bad thing.
27. Wal Mart is not an ethical organization.
28. Some cultures are not equal to others.
29. This Rauf guy is not to be trusted.
30. Sarah Palin is not nationally electable.
31. Patrick Buchanan is not a Nazi.
33. Imperialism is not always bad.
34. Bill Clinton was not that bad of a president. He was not that good either.
35. Richard Nixon was not as evil as is commonly believed.
36. JFK was not as good as is commonly believed.
37. The Kennedy political family is not royalty.
38. The Ivy League schools are not what they used to be.
39. The military is not a breeding ground for "right wing extremists."
40. Case Keenum will not win the Heisman award, although he probably should.
41. Boise State will not be in the BCS Championship Game. Niether will Alabama.
42. Arena football is not for pansies.
43. Coffee is not bad for you.
44. Mexican police officers are not all corrupt. They may live longer if they are.
45. Ray Nagin was not to blame for Katrina. Neither was Dubya,
46. Not all BP employees are evil.
47. School teachers are not overpaid. On the contrary.
48. Truck drivers are usually not dumb.
49. Firemen do not walk on water.
50. Police officers are not all scumbags.

Addendum: Upon further  investigation I have found that Great Whites do show up on the Gulf coast of Florida during the winter. In limited numbers of course.

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