Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shopping at the Evil Empire

I do a good deal of shopping at the Evil Empire. I am not proud of it, but damn it, you can get things cheaper there.That is important, vastly important right now. I do have some major problems with the Empire, and I guess if I were a "true believer" I would discontinue doing all business with them. I already often shop the competition and usually pay a bit more, but with things so tight I do find myself at the Empire more than I feel comfortable with. Today I went grocery shopping at a national grocery chain because it is tax free weekend here in Texas and I did not want to be stuck in the Empire with hundreds of people buying last minute school clothes and supplies. I did pay a bit more, but with a shoppers "card" came out ok I guess.
There are numerous reason why I have such distaste for the Evil Empire and I would like to share a few with you if you have the time. Here goes.

Number one the Empire is predatory to the extreme. They often will stake out property to corner the market to not just compete with local business, but destroy them entirely.
Most of the jobs at the Empire are of the minimum wage variety and part time to boot. There are of course some management jobs and people can move up but in reality very few get the opportunity.
The Empire was caught red handed not so very long ago utilizing illegal alien contractors for clean up duties.
I saw some employees singing some kind of little Empire motivational song once. It was chilling. Hitler Youth had little motivational songs also. I was told you have to participate. Don't know if this is still policy.
The Empire is virulently anti union! I have mixed feelings on unions but do believe that there are some industries and organizations that need and deserve labor trouble. The Empire is one of them.
The Empire will often build their "super centers" in an area that upsets the locals and may in fact damage homeowner property value.
The Empire will import goods from enemy nations when there are perfectly good alternatives to buy American or at least friendly nation goods. A case in point - a good deal of their produce comes from Mexico when the same product is grown and distributed right here in the United States. You can notice the same with their frozen seafood also. I have seen crawfish from the Far East when there is a large crawfish industry in the southern United States. I do draw a line though and will not knowingly buy Mexican produce or foreign seafood, the oil spill notwithstanding.
 I have never seen an American flag made in China but I am sure they are out there somewhere. If they are, look for the Empire to stock them.

The place just bothers me and I would bet the founder is rolling over in his grave. I am sadly sure that I will continue to spend more money than I want to in the place. At this time economics trumps ideology. Just the way it is.

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