Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fifty Things That Are Not

1. Ebonics is not a language.
2. Latino or Hispanic is not a race.
3. Not all Mohammedans are terrorists or terrorist supporters.
4. Not all leftists have treasonous tendencies. Many do however.
5. Obama is not a Mohammedan. Well at least I don't think so. Could be wrong.
6. The BCS system does not create a true national champion.
7. Brett Favre is not worth all the hassle.
8. Palestine is not a country.
9. Israel is not the source of all evil in the world.
10. Green energy does not create enough jobs to replace the oil industry. The whole idea is ridiculous.
11. The oil industry is not killing the planet.
12. Mexico is not a friendly country.
13. Turkey is not a European nation.
14. Islam is not compatible with Western Democracy.
15. China is not a friend.
16. Illegal aliens are not "undocumented workers." They are illegal aliens.
17. Notre Dame will not have a winning season.
18. Alabama will not repeat as the "national champion."
19. The carnage in Mexico is not the fault of the United States.
20. Pakistan is not an ally.
21. The English Defence League is not a hate group.
22. Fox News is not "fair and balanced."
23. Rush Limbaugh is not always right (or wrong).
24. Sheila Jackson Lee is not intelligent.
25. Soccer is not a real sport.
26. Henry Waxman is not a fine figure of a man.
27. John McCain is not really conservative.
29. Michael Savage is not completely insane.
30. Rachel Maddow is not a man.
31. Keith Olbermann is not a rational human being.
32. Ron Paul is not a real Republican.
33. President Obama is not presidential.
34. George W. Bush is not as stupid as people think.
35. Ronald Reagan was not a saint.
36. Roger Clemens is not a good guy.
37. True Blood is not pornography. Damn close though.
38. The war in Iraq is not over.
39. The Republic of China is not part of the PRC.
40. Edward Kennedy was not the "Liberal Lion." He was a man slaughterer.
41. PFC Manning is not a "hero." He may well prove to be a treasonous individual.
42. Most massage therapists do not offer a "happy ending." That is a shame.
43. MSNBC is not a real news organization.
44. Building the "Ground Zero Mosque" is not a good idea.
45. Eden Aberjil is not a war criminal.
46. Michelle Obama is not well liked.
47. Smoking is not a crime.
48. Things in Texas are not always bigger. Just ask my wife.
49. The Dallas Cowboys are not "America's Team."
50. Al Gore is not a groper or so he says.

Further investigation confirms that Rachel Maddow is not a man. Just looks like one. Still I just don't like that guy.

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