Monday, August 9, 2010

Upcoming From the Cab

I have not done this yet but in the next day or two I do believe I will create another blog for college football predictions and analysis. Have not come up with a good name for it quite yet but will shortly. Of course Notes From the Cab will still be the main blog I work on but I feel the need to keep the college football separate this year. I have not done very much research on the upcoming season at this point but hell, why let that stop me. Last year I had a fair won/loss record on predictions and hopefully will improve it this season. If you are so inclined, keep an eye out for my cutting edge, and so often wrong, analysis of the college game.


Jayhawk said...

Post a link - I'll be there. I am almost fanatical on college football and a big SEC fan, escecially LSU. PAC 10 is a bit of a farce, perhaps even more so with the addition of the ridiculous blue turf. I do have a familiy member who graduated from Utah, and I'm from Tucson, so I guess I have to pay some attention.

Bartender Cabbie said...

will do when I get the blog up. I love the college game also. Last year I blabbered alot about the game often without in depth knowledge of the various teams injury reports, etc. etc. I did not let that stop me though.