Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Ain't Agonna Burn No Johnny Flag Anytime Nohow

I have been informed by one the readers of this blog that Sept. 12 is "Burn A Confederate Flag Day." I had never heard of such a thing and it struck me as rather unbecoming to hold such an event the day after the anniversary of the horrific events on Sept 11, 2001. Be that as it may, I saw no reason to doubt the reader on the flag issue but I did check it out. Kind of a trust but verify type of thing, if you will. True enough, Sept 12 is "Burn A Confederate Flag Day." Apparently this is some sort of event sponsored in opposition to the so called "Tea Party movement." I am not sure what to think. Is this to become some sort of demi-holiday like Valentines Day? Should I buy someone a card? If so, do I need to put a few bucks or a gift certificate of some sort inside? Will a bouquet of roses be in order or should I wear some sort of costume? This new holiday is quite confusing, We already have the aforementioned Valentines Day, Secretary Day, Grandparents Day, etc. etc. Those holidays seem to be nothing more than ploys to enrich the greeting card industry. Is this new "Burn A Confederate Flag Day" something that the flag and banner industry has come up with and tied it in with the the anti Tea Party movement? That would be brilliant marketing. What better way to unload a surplus of Confederate flags than scam a bunch of loons into buying a huge number to bother another group of loons. Yes sir brilliant marketing indeed!

Now I don't own a Confederate flag and I don't plan on buying one anytime soon -to burn or display. Not sure really where to buy one. I have never seen one at the Evil Empire. Have you? I have noticed that those who display the Rebel flag on their vehicles or out in their yard are generally people who are somewhat low on the food chain as it were. A lot of them sort of remind me of Early, the character played by Brad Pitt, in the movie Kalifornia. People you just generally do not want to hang out with or at least I don't. Now using a Confederate flag as a "curtain" or drape in your front window is another thing entirely. Nothing enhances the beauty of a home like a big Reb flag covering the front window. Call Better Homes and Gardens for a photo shoot. You will be the envy of the neighborhood. Better than the "major award" in the Christmas Story. 

Now I certainly understand that the flag is odious to a large number of Americans. How could it not be? With that being said however, it is irritating to me to see the symbol burned. Now it is not in the same league of course as someone burning the flag of the United States, but this flag is part of the history of this great nation. While the flag that is considered the "Confederate Flag" is in reality not the actual national flag of the CSA--(Oh screw it. No sense bothering with the facts). What is important is that this flag is (again) a part of our history. Like it or not! It is bothersome that there are those that demand the flag be removed from this or that site, burn it, desecrate it, etc. There is no denying national history. Even if some of that history is offensive to many.

Nope. I ain't agonna burn no Johnny flag anytime nohow.  

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