Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Analysis of the Modern Whig Party

In the endeavor to explore viable third parties (if there is such a thing) I have been been checking out the Modern Whig Party. They recently have merged with the American Centrist Party of which I was at one time a member. I was never active frankly because there was just no point. I did subscribe to a great deal of the ACP platform and principles and that led me to join on a whim. Now as this country has indeed made a dramatic shift to the left, to the detriment of our national security and perhaps indeed our sovereignty, my personal political outlook has moved to the right. I have always been a hawk on security and usually stood on the middle ground of most domestic/social issues but now find myself moving rightward. That being said let us explore the stance of the Modern Whig Party on various issues. Before we get started here though I must say that the name "Modern Whig Party" is well, sort of silly. I do not understand why third political parties often are apt to call themselves the "new" something or other party. Just does not make sense to me. One thing I definitely do like is that this party was founded by U.S. military veterans. That itself lends itself to being considered credible, at least to some extent. Onward!

The MWP has outlined their "Philosophy" that I suppose is the platform of the party. Let us take a look and see where they stand.
I. Principles
 Fiscal Responsibility -Good
   Energy Independence- Good
   Social Acceptance- To be more exact, all people are to have the acceptance and respect of the citizenry. Ok a little hard to follow but so far so good.
   Education and Scientific Advancement- This point is to emphasize our leadership in these endeavors and to concentrate on the hard sciences and mathematics in the educational setting. Good and smart policy.
  Veterans Affairs- Basically to ensure the proper treatment of service  veterans. - Very good.

II Structural
   Both of these tenants expressed here are a bit hard to follow and seem to be somewhat of  a statement of "touchy feeliness." Check out the Modern Whig website for a complete outline.

III Perceptual
     Focus on Long Term Problem Solving- This should go without saying. A bit vague on substance.

IV Detailed Vision - This is where we come to the meat of the MWP Platform,
    Fiscal Responsibility (again) - The meat here is that the states will get money from the federal government to decide to use for local needs.  This appears to make sense.
    National Defense- The gist here is that we should leave those in Iraq to their own affairs with the exception of the Kurdish areas which appear to be more receptive to democracy and are not anti American. There is energy production in the Kirkuk area that could be utilized to the benefit of the Kurds and their allies and protectors. Of course this would infuriate Turkey and  Iran as both look at the Kurds as separatist minded. While Turkey is for now at least, an ally this may still be a good idea as Turkey may be headed toward a more radical policy. It would in addition be good policy to further encircle Iran. The platform also calls for a push in Afghanistan and assist Pakistan with the "safe havens" for terrorists in that country. This is interesting and could work if the United States government approved and instigated a policy in Afghanistan which would include killing any members of the Taliban that are in contact with our forces. Sound policy. The platform also calls for Pakistan to take care of the safe haven areas or our forces will do the job for them. This is very interesting but leaves out a vast array of national security issues. Pretty narrow vision on defense policy.
   Environmental Protection and National Security- The gist is to become energy independent, break up the oil companies to some extent, to keep oil companies from being in control of numerous energy sources ie coal and oil), promote clean coal energy and support the so called "Pickens Plan." This is very ambitious and some of it  make sense. Clean coal of course, the "Pickens Plan? - not so much.
    Immigration Policy. This calls for border protection, allowing non citizens the chance to become citizens if they serve honorably in the military services of this nation and expansion of the courts to accommodate the illegal alien issue. Most of this makes a good deal of sense.
    China, Foreign Aid and the WTO - This plank would give incentives for American corporations to move their manufacturing out of China and back into the United States, the West Bank, Iraq, Gaza, and Latin America. This is interesting and is both right and wrong. Corporations should be offered incentives to move out of Red China, if not outright forced to, but these jobs should be directed only back into the United States or at the very least closely militarily allied nations ie UK, Canada, NZ, Germany, Holland, etc.
    Religious/State separation - This basically is to ensure that there is no government sanction of religion and also to keep the government out of religion ie not continuing to be proactive in removing religious symbols from local government facilities, etc. This sounds reasonable to me.
   Same Sex Relationships- The MWP supports a hands off approach for the most part. This is to be more of a local issue as it were. The MWP does support "hate crime" legislation for any abuse of those that are, or are perceived to be,  out of the mainstream concerning sexual orientation. This makes sense, after all, is it any body's business if the guy down the street is a root smoker? Who cares? There are certainly more important things to worry about.
    Health Care- The MWP does not really say anything of substance here. Why not?
    2nd Amendment- The MWP promotes the validity of the 2nd amendment while at the same time giving localities some control on the issue. This sounds wrong to me. The right to bear arms is the right to bear arms no matter, on this issue at least, what the thoughts of local governmental entities.
    Abortion- The MWP avoids this issue to some extent probably so there is no "litmus test" This is a bit wishy washy but probably makes a good deal of sense. They do agree that there should be some incentives to not have a child aborted which is a good moral stance.
  Affirmative Action- The MWP believes that it should be ended. Bravo, it appears to have outlived its usefulness.
    Science and Technology- Basically the MWP stands for advancement to keep the nation at the forefront. This is important for a variety of reasons including national defense and business prowess among others.

All in all the Modern Whig Party appears to be a slightly right of center political party which would be be able to accommodate those that stand left of center. It is somewhat weak on some issues and fairly strong on others. It appears that this party wants to avoid extremism which can be smart when most issues are considered. They are hawkish on defense which is of course of paramount importance. They appear to be middle of the road so to speak on this issue of abortion, which also makes a good deal of sense. The plank regarding business in Red China has good points and some very misguided stated beliefs. This may be a party for a true centrist to consider. Whether this party can gain any true traction on a national scale remains to be seen.


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