Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thinking of a Fallen Soldier

A couple of years ago a soldier from this small community was killed in Iraq by the Mohammedans. I did not know the young man but am acquainted with his Grandmother. It was a horrible tragedy. Horrible. On the day of this young man's funeral the entire route to his resting place was lined with American flags. All people in attendance were given small American flags to hold if they so chose. I was not able to make it to the church in time to get inside and instead took my place by the roadside holding my flag. There was a huge crowd in attendance - people from all over the small communities in the surrounding area and even from as far away as Houston and San Antonio. Patriotic Americans showing respect for a defender of our great nation who paid the ultimate price. Something odd happened while standing waiting for the procession to pass by that I found disturbing. Two television reporters were in attendance with their camera men doing what they are paid to do. I happened to be standing near them and overheard one them say something to his colleague to the effect of  " I don't feel like working this job, I don't care anything about the soldier." I am ashamed to say I said nothing. I have thought of this often. A county deputy that I was having a conversation with at the time heard it, glanced over and spit on the ground. He said nothing either. I guess that it was better to just leave things unsaid at risk of causing a disruption on the day we honored this young man. I could not help but think the reporter was little more than offal. I suspect many (but by no means all) in the media to have this type of attitude and was not really surprised.
Now this young man's day was not disturbed by those foolish, silly, disrespectful jism that were disrupting funerals of service people around the country during this period. That would not have happened in our community I assure you - Not with the Brazoria County Cavalry, Bandidos, Amigos, San Jacinto High Rollers, and many veterans in attendance. I am sure those folks knew better than to come here. With that being said, I was thinking of this young man today and it makes me sick to my stomach that there will be some sort of Islamic "holy" site in the vicinity of Ground Zero. This dishonors not only the memory of this young man but all of those who died on Sept 11 not to mention the American and Allied troops that are still fighting and dying. I fear there is something wrong with our country. Something bad wrong!

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