Sunday, July 29, 2012

Either Way Texans Will Be Sending More Trash to the District

Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst are squaring off in the Republican race to "represent" Texans in the Senate. A Democratic challenger? Doesn't matter. Either Cruz or Dewhurst will be hanging out in environs of the Beltway directly.

Which is the better candidate? Hard to say. Each has accused the other of high scumbaggery and I  rather imagine they are both correct. Dewhurst seems to have the support of the "establishment" while Cruz is the darling of the Tea Party "Patriots." Why just this week a host of Tea Party types (including the loon Palin) made an appearance just north of Houston and brayed their support.

I probably will vote for Cruz in the runoff (if I bother at all) simply because he is somewhat of an outsider. I don't trust him, (I believe him just more garbage), but he might just reek a little less than his opponent. I know that one is rotten.

Ted Cruz for Senate! Yea!

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