Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Better Safe Than Sorry

It was inevitable. A naval vessel (USNS Rappahannock) fired upon a small boat that came too close in the dangerous waters of the Persian Gulf. While this particular incident appears to be a tragedy resulting from perhaps a misunderstanding, it is not something to condemn. There is no need to apologize, "review" policy or "place a moratorium" on the use of deadly force. Any change in direction would eventually lead to the damage or destruction of our naval equipment and loss of life of our sailors. Lack of vigilance ensured the success of the attack on the USS Cole a few years back. All steps should continue to be taken that will lessen the chances of a similar successful attack in the future.

The action of the military security force on board the United States Naval Ship was timely,  and considering the dangerous waters in which the ship sailed, the correct and proper response. There was and is no other option.

To think otherwise would be foolish.

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