Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rahm (Da Bomb) Emanuel Enters The Chicken Wars

I have said before and I will say again that I couldn't give a daisy chain whether or not gays can legally get married in this country. Does not matter to me a bit. I have also said recently that the corporate big wheels over at the "evangelical" chicken chain made a exceptionally stupid business decision to broadcast "corporate policy" in regard to gay marriage.

With that being said, if the chicken folk feel the need to let everyone know the corporate line on the issue, well, that is fine. I certainly understand if some gay folk wish to avoid spending their hard earned money there. That too is fine. What I fail to understand is how some whore politicians such as this (proven pond scum) Emanuel feel they have the authority to block the opening of more chicken places in Chicago . Emanuel apparently supports one J. Moreno, Chicago Alderman and strong arm punk, in his quest to keep the offending restaurant out of Chicago (or at least his fiefdom).  I am rather certain a whorehouse would have an easier time opening. I doubt that the chicken giant will pay off the Chicago political class like whorehouse management would.  If they did so it would be likely that all politician braying would cease. Forthwith.

Perhaps the chicken giant should open outlets just out of reach of the Chicago mob. Surround the city as it were. Those that wished to boycott are more than welcome to do so, but let us be honest.......There will be a lot of chicken sold and money made.

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