Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Quanell X Sighting and some Cheerleaders

Today my better half saw Quanell X out and about in his high dollar Porsche (which of course was sporting vanity plates). Frankly I was not aware that ole Quanell actually had gainful employment. He must have in order to afford such a fancy ride. Don't you think? Perhaps (as is alleged) he gets paid by strong arming companies that are unfortunate enough to get in his sights. Good job if you can get it.  Maybe those are just allegations. At any rate, the last thing any organization needs is Quanell 10 showing up on the front steps alleging that there are racists in the mist err midst.

For some reason a leftist website (leftblogistan) has me included on the list of lefty type blogs. I doth protest. Some of my acquaintances believe me to be a bit to the left but then again anything that is not slightly to the right of the John Birch Society is considered "liberal" by those folk. Traffic is traffic but I just don't want the multitude that come here for my particular brand of wisdom to feel cheated. A leftist I am not.

College football season fast approaches. How about some college cheerleading types to get you pumped.

This is the  type Porsche that Quanell 10 likes to drive. Makes one wonder how a "community activist" affords such equipment. I want a job like that.Don't you?

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Jayhawk said...

"...has me included on the list of lefty type blogs."

Seriously? I actually regard you as somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun.

I mean no insult by that, because even so you are somewhat to the left of most of today's Republicans, but still... A "lefty type blog?" I think not.