Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NAACP Convention In Houston

The NAACP is holding their little get together in Houston this week. Yesterday the honorable Eric Holder blasted the Texas voter ID law. Apparently it is racist (or something) to ask anyone who votes to have some sort of identification.  Today Mitt Romney is appearing and Lord knows what nonsense he will tell (or has told) that crowd.  . No word on whether Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has made an appearance. I can't imagine that she would not. Especially if there are TV cameras present.  Uncle Joe Biden will be putting in his two cents worth tomorrow. Allah willing.  For whaterver reason the current POTUS will be a no show.

It is easy to see why a candidate for president would feel the need to acknowledge the NAACP by honoring them with their presence. I guess. Frankly the NAACP has gone from a necessary organization to really, let us be honest; little more than a racist group with a rather narrow and outdated agenda. Not as odious as the Klan to be sure (quite yet), but every bit as racist ( and infininately more powerful) as LA RAZA.

While a presidential candidate can be sort of excused for making an appearance for political reasons: why would a sitting AG be involved with a crowd such as this? Holder making an appearance with the NAACP is like Ashcroft speaking at, well you get the drift.. It has already been seen though that this Holder will put his particular brand of personal political beliefs ahead of his job as the chief law enforcement officer in the land. It is alleged that  Eric Holder is actually a criminal himself. I won't comment on that one but I will say that it would not surprise me. He does seem to think himself a special personality who considers himself just a cut above the rest of us.

With the NAACP rally (whatever) in town, I now understand why there was a Quanell X sighting yesterday. I am sure he was in attendance. Bet my last dollar on it. Anyway, he was seen heading south to the ghettos of suburbia in his Porsche. Funny thing. What does Obama, Quanell 10, and Horst Wessel have in common? All were/are community organizers. How are/were they different (other than the obvious skin tone, nationality, and party affiliation)?

Horst Wessel lived among the lower classes that he was trying to "help."  I don't feel the need to elaborate further (or apologize) for stating the obvious. Illuminating historical fact as it were.

On a related unrelated note; I will be rather certain that people in the service industry (whatever their race, creed, national origin, etc.) will be glad when this clown circus  finally blows town. The tips will be a tad on the low side. I garauntee that. Oh, have I gone too far there?


Anonymous said...

Eric Holder wants to talk about racism - have you seen the new Form 4473 Federal Firearm License form ? New question there that should get every Latino Ese blood boiling. Question 10a - Ethnicity - check one box. Hispanic. Non Hispanic.

Now I know the answer is one or the other, but what difference does it make ? Wouldn't it be easier to ask check one box. Straw Purchaser. Non-straw purchaser. Because I think that is what the question is wanting to know. You know Hispanics are far more likely to buy firearms to supply the cartels on the other side or border.

Bartender Cabbie said...

The whole country is heading to the weenie dogs. Not much else to say here