Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Bull Corn

Ted Cruz won the Republican runoff for Senate against Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, which is to say he won the seat. The Democrats are wasting time and money to even put up an opponent. Cruz is the darling of the partiers but I doubt that he is any great shakes. A corporate lawyer hack it appears, and reportedly just a bit shady to boot. Nothing more. We will see though............

The Chick Fil A distraction is out of control. Chick Fil A "appreciation day" was yesterday and it seems that turnout was somewhat just north of unbelievable. This is tangible evidence that Americans have finally had just about enough of the bellowing of fringe groups (and idiot leftist politicians). The whole thing has become beyond ridiculous but one thing is certain. If  you are the proud owner of a Colonel or "New Orleans style" (whatever that is)  franchise and a Chick Fil A opens across the street, then you have a problem. It is likely insurmountable.

Am I the only one who has had just about enough of Michael Phelps mania? He is one of the best athletes in Olympic history but for some reason I just grow tired of listening to television sports analysts' brayage about the greatness that is young Michael. It is as if the Carpenter had made an appearance and walked (rather than swam) on water. Give it a rest.

I do know one thing though; London ain't the place to have summer Olympics. Ever. Have you seen the non revealing get up the female beach volleyball players are wearing? Shameful. May as well have held the games in the Yukon.

Busy day. Gotta go.

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