Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 14 2012 College Football Predictions

The 2012 regular season is winding down but there is still a lot of football left to be played. Quite a few conference championship games are the order of the day for most leagues.......

1. KSU vs Texas: The Longhorns have not really been able to settle on a QB for most of the season. This has been part of the problem likely. Well, that and a suspect defense.......It is reported that McCoy is to be the starter this week when they call on the Wildcats in the "Little Apple." The Wildcats should get it together this week and take care of business. The Longhorns are very marginally a top 20 team at this point.

2. Louisville vs Rutgers: One of these teams will be in a BCS bowl. Hard to imagine but there you have it. Both are good teams for the Big East but would likely have trouble earning the top spot in the MAC, WAC or Mountain West. Which is the better team? Hard to say. I will go with Louisville on this one. Bridgewater is a good college QB and Charlie Strong is probably being looked at for HC at some higher profile (and better paying) schools. There are certainly jobs available for a good coach.

3. Northern Illinois vs Kent State: A toss up when these two very good MAC teams meet to decide the championship. I will go with Northern Illinois in a close, but perhaps high scoring, affair.

4. Nicholls vs Oregon State: This game was postponed due to an early season storm on the Gulf Coast. OSU will win this game hands down. I assume that this game would have been cancelled had OSU was playing in the PAC 12 Championship game or if Nicholls had made the IAA (FCS) play offs. Neither happened so the game is to be played.

5. UCF vs Tulsa: This one is a replay of the game that occurred a couple weeks back. Tulsa won that one but UCF will be ready this time around. Tulsa has had some rather bad outings of late although the game with UCF was not one of them. I will go with the team from Central Florida to win this one.

6. Middle TN vs Arkansas State: This one will determine who is the champion of the Sun Belt. Arkansas State is the better team probably and may be a legitimate top 25 program. I will go with the Indians err Red Wolves in a close one.

7. Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Wisconsin backs into the Big Ten (with twelve teams, fourteen soon) Championship game due to criminality at PSU and "irregularities" at OSU. Wisconsin is 7-5 this season and that is a bit hard to understand. Could be the coaching staff. The Badgers should be a top 10 team. Nebraska is a step above average. They would be middle of the pack in the SEC, Big Twelve (with ten teams), and perhaps PAC12. I will go with the Badgers to "upset" the Huskers here. Going out on a limb a bit...

8. FSU vs Georgia Tech: This is the ACC Championship Game? This is just not a very good football league. FSU will win.

9. Alabama vs Georgia: The winner of this game will face Notre Dame in the big game at the end. Whether Notre Dame (or perhaps Georgia) belongs there is open to discussion. Georgia has had one horrible outing while Alabama lost to a very very good Aggie team. Win or lose Coach Mark's job is safe for another year likely. This will be close and I will go with Alabama here.

10. Stanford vs UCLA: A replay of last week? It will end the same. Go with the Cardinal.

Last week I went a less than stellar 4-6. The first losing week of the season. For the year thus far I am a rather respectable 89-43. We will see how things look after this weeks' action.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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