Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No One is Going to Secede. You Know That Don't You? I Think You Do

Well folks in Texas (and elsewhere) are banging their drums and blowing their horns about secession. Happens periodically in the Republic. Usually just a few whackos are really serious with the majority just blowing smoke and making noise. This time around though there is real dissatisfaction and angst about the state of the country.

Obama won and no mistake. As usual the Republican Party chose another weakling for a candidate. Not quite the nut that they put up last time I don't think, but a weak candidate none the less. About the only thing that can be said for Romney perhaps is that he is not South Side Slim. Just the election of one man may not really be the root of the problem though. He is just the embodiement and catalyst.

In large swaths of this country voters chose Romney. Huge areas. Even in so called "blue states" there was a lot of red. In Illinois Romney would have won likely if Cook County (Chicago) was not in the state. I am sure a lot of Illinois residents would like to secede from Chicago. (Oh note to Driftglass driftglass.blogspot.com who fears the "Confederacy" with a strange paranoia; Marse Robert is knocking at your door and Old Jeff is lounging by the pool. Cook County is surrounded ya friggin dillweed ya.  Oh Sorry).

California also showed a great deal red in a lot of areas of the state. Like the rest of the nation,most areas of the Golden State that tend to be a drain on society went with Obama. Of course Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties (and a lot of other wealthy and productive areas) went with Slim but that was to be expected.........Just the way things are.

I will get into the breakdown of voting trends another time after more study of election maps. These county by county voting "maps" are very interersting and instructive.

The problems as I see it is that Obama won in fairly narrow areas. The New England States as usual went left. Florida this time was a toss up and the majority (but certainly not all counties) of the Pacific Coast went left. Most, but not all, of the rust belt also. There were a couple of isolated states out west that chose to vote leftward. New Mexico (for obvious reasons) and Colorado. That being said, most of the productive areas of the nation chose to go with Romney (as imperfect as he is).

There is a lot of discord. It is almost as if the country has become, as they say, "balkanized." The fundamental change that has been brayed about for the last few years is a bitter pill to swallow for probably the majority of Americans. I am not just talking of Obamacare; in fact I am not talking about that at all. I am however talking about shift toward something unspeakable in American life.

The unraveling of something that has taken over 200 years to build is the "something that is unspeakable" that I am braying about. Not perfect mind you this America but not something that needs any fundamental change initiated by those who seem to know or care nothing of the American way, (and may in fact be perhaps disdainful of same), and supported by the misguided among us along with, of course, the lowest common denominator.

Will it this fundamental shift be tolerated long term? I somehow doubt it.  I won't be surprised if we will see a great deal of resistance, and downright disobedience to anything that comes out of the District.

Not surprised at all.


Jayhawk said...

What absolutely slays me is that twelve governors wrote Obama asking permission to secede. What the hell is that about? Did they think he was going to say yes? You don't ask permission to secede, for God's sake, you just do it, if you have sufficient cojones to do so, and you station your troops at the border. Asking permission, forsooth.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Now the news media is covering these nuts like they are to be taken seriously. Ridiculous.