Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 13 College Football Predictions 2012

After the big shake up in the BCS last week there is probably room for a little more controversy. Let us hope so. Oh well. A few predictions for week 13.....

1. Toledo vs Akron: Toledo is out of the race for the MAC Championship but still may snag a bowl. They need to solidify their position by finishing strong here. Should be little problem. Go with the Rockets.

2.  TCU vs Texas: This one used to be the big Thanksgiving Texas/Texas Agriculture game but with the Aggies going over to show some SEC folks how it is done, the big game is now relegated to this. It could be a good game. Both teams are probably fairly even and both have had somewhat disappointing seasons. I will go with the Longhorns here. Could be close.

3. Michigan vs Ohio State: The big game of the year in the Big Ten. So they keep telling us. Ohio State has run the table so far but are really playing for nothing but pride. Michigan is Michigan. Well coached but just not quite ready for prime time. I am going out on a limb here and predicting a Wolverine upset.

4. Florida vs FSU: FSU is the better team. Still they have not really faced top caliber competition for the most part. Florida has and have come up short a few times. This is a big rivalry game and I will go with the Seminoles for the win.

5. Utah State vs Idaho: A no brainer. The Aggies for the win. They could be a legitimate top 25 team. Idaho is in shambles. I have heard rumors of them moving down to IAA (FCS), but do not know if they are accurate at this point. Go with Utah State.

6. Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma: Both are good. Right now the Cowboys are probably playing marginally better football, but are not the all around better team. This will be a toss up and I will go with the rather fast OSU team to upset the big boys in the state. Go with OSU.

7. SDSU vs Wyoming: The Aztecs might be bumping top 25 status and Wyoming is pretty dismal. I am going with the Aztecs here. Could get ugly.

8. Notre Dame vs USC: The Irish are inexplicably number one in the BCS. USC is coming apart at the seams. With the starting Trojan QB reported to be out for the game it will be interesting to see if the Trojans can take apart the Irish defense. Interesting indeed. I am going with USC to upset the Irish none the less. Going way out on a limb here I realize. Way out.

9. Louisiana Tech vs SJSU: Both good teams. La. Tech has been living on borrowed time and good luck for a good deal of the season and it caught up with them last weekend. SJSU is perhaps near as good as the Utah State team that beat the Bulldogs last week. It will be an interesting game and is a toss up. If Louisiana Tech can play for 4 quarters they will win. If not? I go with the Bulldogs.

10. LSU vs Arkansas: LSU almost let one get away from them last week but the Rebels are a better team than given credit for. Arkansas is just not a good team at this point. Go with LSU for the win. It may be closer than expected. This has become a pretty heated rivalry and you know what they say about rivalry games.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

Oh, come on, #8 is purely wishful thinking and you know it. I share your fond wish, but get real. They just lost to UCLA, for God's sake.

Bartender Cabbie said...

i try to be objective and yes it is some wishful thinking but I have watched Notre Dame a few times this year. I saw them play one real good game. I also have seen them have trouble with teams that are not good.
Normally I would not root for USC in any circumstance......