Saturday, November 3, 2012

MSNBC and Fox

If you really want to irritate those on both the far ends of the political spectrum all you have to do is point out that Fox and MSNBC are similar creatures. They both are partisan and neither is what I would call "fair and balanced." There are some very important differences. I said both "news" networks have similarities but they are not the same.

It is obvious that Fox commentary and news stories are spun to to appeal to a rightward leaning audience. It is subtle, but it is there. Fox has more appeal to the "silent majority" in this country I would imagine. Still there is that "spin" that may disqualify them from being a real news gathering organization.

MSNBC is a different entity altogether. There is very little real news reported. Instead viewers are subjected to really nothing more than leftist propaganda. There is really no attempt to disguise it. Maddow may be an exception perhaps. Not that she is not on the far far left, but she does attempt to provide her "conservative" guests a fair playing field. I have made my share of derogatory comments about Maddow, but to be fair, she is probably the only potential real journalist among the entire "cast" of the comedy that is MSNBC. She certainly is smart enough to be capable of real journalism but likely can not keep her opinions out of the mix. As for the others......

MSNBC being more akin to Pravda is really only one issue here. If we are to take the males on the show (with the possible exceptions of Schultz and Sharpton), there is a distinct feminization. I am not saying that some may be gay, I wouldn't know or care. What I am saying is there is a distinct lack of manliness among the males. Perhaps I am not conveying this properly but I know what I am seeing. And so do you. When you listen to and watch a Toure (yes a one word "name"), Chris Hayes, Chris Mathews, and Martin Bashir do you think to yourself that these guys just seem a bit, shall we say, sissified?

I think you do.

That male pussilamity may be ok in some circles but it just don't fly 'roun these here parts.

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