Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Bartender Cabbie Top 25 11/11/2012 (BCRS)

The BCRS has a few changes for the week. Obviously.

1. Kansas State: Good steady play from the offense and a defense that can stop anyone.

2. Georgia: A team to watch. Improves every week and will be awfully hard to beat

3. Alabama: Number three? Ahead of the Aggies? Yes. I am going with the rule of 2 out of 3 here. The Tide would likely be able to win a three game series. Or not.

4. Texas A&M: Playing as good of football as anyone right now. They are the real deal

5. Oregon: Fast offense and may well be the best team in the land. Light schedule with one exception thus far keeps them from the top 4.

6. LSU: The best two loss team in the land? Perhaps. Finally seem to be getting the offense together.

7. FSU: Survived a scare with an upset minded VA. Tech team Thursday last. May be ranked just a bit high here. Or not.

8. Oklahoma: Good football team that should have only one loss under their belt. Would likely take 2 of 3 from Notre Dame.

9. Notre Dame: Pretty good team that has had one exceptional outing this year. Struggles with inferior competition. Should have two (or more) in the loss column but the do keep finding ways to win games.

10. South Carolina: Hanging around without Lattimore. A pretty good, but streaky, football team.

11. Clemson: Keeps winning. Very light schedule.

12. Stanford: Beats a much better than expected Oregon State squad and swaps places with them.

13. Oregon State: Goes from 12 to 13. Swaps places with Stanford.

14. Florida: This team is trending way downward  right about now. A victory in the last second over an upper middle of the pack Sun Belt team does not show them in a good light. For that matter nor did their performance against Mizzou two weeks back. The Gators seem to have lost the rather meager offense that they had at the start of the season.

15. Nebraska: Keeps winning.

16. USC: Dangerous and out to prove they deserve better than their BCS ranking.

17. UCLA:  Can be better than most give them credit for. A bit too inconsistent to move much beyond the bottom half of the top 25.

18. Louisiana Tech: Has let inferior competition hang around  lately. Will need to step it up in the next couple of weeks. Tough WAC games on tap with Utah State and SJSU.

19. Texas: Improving as the season wears on. Still a very disappointing year for the Longhorn fans.

20. Louisville: Good for the Big East. Did not show up Saturday.

21. Oklahoma State: Improving every week. Right now might be playing the second best ball in the Big Twelve. Has opportunity to move up and may well do so. Also has opportunity to play themselves right out of the top 25. Next meeting with the Red Raiders and the the Sooners.

22. Northern Illinois: Chance to win the MAC. Good chance.

23. Texas Tech: Dangerous but inconsistent.

24. Michigan: More or less trades places with Northwestern

25. Boise State: Moves back into the top 25.

Teams that are on the bubble and may find their way into the Bartender Cabbie Ranking System. There is no particular order here.

1. Wisconsin: Perhaps should be included in the place of Michigan. The loss to Michigan State two weeks back keeps them just out. Still they are playing decent ball now. What happened to them this season is a mystery. They should be a top 10 program.
2. Toledo: Still in contention in the MAC.
3. San Diego State: Seems to get better every week. Perhaps should be ranked in the Bronco's spot.
4. Fresno State: Slightly possible
5. Mississippi State: Suffered third SEC loss. Still a long shot. A very long shot. Might get back on track against the rather dismal Hogs.
6. Arkansas State: Probably not. They may be playing the best ball in the Sun Belt now though. A very long shot to move into the top 25, but they are the best team in the state of Arkansas and probably the second best team the Oregon Ducks have played thus far.
7. Kent State: May well win the MAC
8. Utah State: Could unseat Louisiana Tech for the WAC title.
9. San Jose State: Better than given credit for. Ask the folks at Stanford.
10. Tulsa: Possibly the best in CUSA. Next outing is a tough one.
11. UCF: Same as above. Meets with Tulsa shortly.
12. Rutgers: Still has a shot. They are ranked in the major polls but I would place them just out of the top 25.
13. Cincinnati: Perhaps. Probably not.
14. Northwestern: Been in and out. Perhaps could find their way back in.
15. Michigan State: Has had some good wins and some ridiculous losses in this up and down season. A very very long shot. Would have to run the table.
16. Washington: Ranked in the BCS. Very inconsistent.

Note: Programs that are under sanction for cheating or other unsavory action on the part of administrators, coaching staff, or players are not considered as eligible for the Bartender Cabbie Rankings System.

Comments/questions welcome. Get rude and stupid if you are so inclined. I will do same.


Jayhawk said...

"3. San Diego State: Seems to get better every week. Perhaps should be ranked in the Bronco's spot."

Well they did defeat the Broncos, and on the blue turf to boot.

Bartender Cabbie said...

True enough. They have become a pretty good football team.