Sunday, November 18, 2012

Post Week 12 College Football Recap 2012. BCS in Shambles

Yesterday the BCS system came crashing down. This is the year that there is no clear cut team that deserves, hands down, to be in the big game at the end. Three losses in two weeks have hurt the chances of some of the best teams and someone who is of national championship calibre will not have a chance to play for all the marbles. Real playoffs are not forthcoming anytime soon though......

It was predictable that Oregon would not run the table. Sooner or later their average defense was to be exposed. Last night the Cardinal did just that.

KSU just flat did not show up against Baylor. I did not notice RGIII behind center for the Bears last night. Did you? That would have been at least an excuse of sorts. Or not.

Notre Dame won again but probably shouldn't be considered for a spot in the BCS Championship game at this point. As I have said before, there are numerous two loss and perhaps a couple of three loss teams in D1 that are hands down better. But should they run the table they will be there. Mark it. If Ohio State was eligible it might come down to a OSU/Notre Dame game.

If there ever was a need for a real playoff in D1 football, this season is an example of why.

A good many SEC teams scheduled IAA (FCS) opponents. I was hoping someone would step up and beat one of these SEC types. It can and does happen at times. Not yesterday. Scheduling down like that fuels the "the SEC isn't the best" fire. In reality though, most schools in all conferences schedule down. Easy way to pad the w/l record. That is why many of us love it when a lower division team surprises a big time program.

I am having a little trouble wondering just what happened to USC. The talent on that squad is as good as any. Then I remembered who the head coach is. Kiffin is destructive. Anyone who hires him gets what they get.

Louisiana Tech was down and came storming back on a very good Utah State team. They ended up losing in OT. If they just play the game as it designed to be played they would not have to rely on these last ditch scoring frenzies. Not sure what is up with that. The loss will knock the Bulldogs out of the BCS rankings but the Aggie win might not be enough to propel them into same.

It looks like Northern Illinois and Kent State will compete in the MAC Championship game. Should be a good one.

Clemson and FSU keep winning against dubious competition. I am interested to see how they hold  up against their SEC rivals Saturday next. FSU is probably a better team than the Gators at this point and Clemson may well hold their own (and then some) when facing Spurrier's squad. Both the Tigers and Gamecocks have a better than average offense.

It looks again like the Sun Belt is ASU's to lose. They meet Middle Tn next week which should decide the issue.

This week I was 7-3 with a total thus far of 85-36. On to the next...


Jayhawk said...

A shambles indeed, although it does put the SEC back into the national championship picture.

KState "did not show up" is a very good way to put it. Baylor can score points, but not quite like that, and their defense is nowhere near that good. The Wildcats looked like they simply did not want to be there. Horrible.

And yes, we knew USC would pay a price for hiring Kiffen. I have a nephew who is a UCLA graduate, so he's happy today.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am hoping that Notre Dame loses to USC. I have no love for either school. Their fans believe themselves to be special and entitled. Notre Dame perhaps more so.
Mainly I just don't think the Irish are near as good as Oregon, Bama, Oklahoma (on a good day), FSU, Clemson, LSU, Texas Agriculture, etc. etc.

The Irish are a bottom half of the top ten in my opinion. Perhaps even just outside the top 10 looking in.

But if they run the table they will be in the game. Who will they play will be a good question though.