Saturday, November 17, 2012

If It Was Just That Simple...

The Hostess thing has taken over from the Papa Johns thing which supplanted the Chick-Fil-A thing. Always something with these leftists it seems. Always Something.

Of course the CEO of the pizza giant (PJ) noted that he would have to cut employees hours to avoid govt mandated health care recently. The blogosphere on the left went ballistic as was easy to predict. I noted that some were braying that PJ's could add .17 cents to the cost of each (horrible) pie to easily cover the cost of their employee health insurance. It this be the case,  I would certainly be on board. An extra nickel added to some crapburger or .17 cents for a pizza is not going to break anyone. Most would not even notice. (The costs of real things of substance may skyrocket beyond reach though).  Of course I am assuming that the leftists are accurate here with their math. Silly, I know. Most are not capable of running a snow cone stand it 'pears to me. Can you imagine putting a Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee, a Maxine Waters, a Dick Durbin, or a leftist "writer" Robert Crawford in charge of anything in the business world?

Personally I am not against universal health care. In some ways I might possibility out liberal a lot of liberals among us on the subject. At least on a non practical emotional level. I am also not a child however and understand the incompetence of government at all levels. I've seen it. Hell I have been a govt employee. I have also had my experiences at a VA (and may yet again) and am pretty sure I don't want to see things go that route.

Have you ever seen the little jars at convenience type stores that are placed there with typewritten notes begging you to put spare change in to help cover the cost of someone's horrible accident or illness? That saddens and sickens me. Have you ever attended a "BBQ benefit" for someone to raise money so a person can have a liver transplant? (as if the paltry sums raised at such would even come close to the cost). That is not right.

Yes something needs to be done for those in dire straights. I don't know what. I do know that I am not willing to give up what I currently have. I also know that no one should wait (while the clock may be ticking on their life) for the best that medical science has to offer them. Something wrong there. Something immoral.

It is kind of a dilemma? I won't go screaming about the evils of "Obamacare" here but I also won't go with the govt messing screwing up things even worse. They do very little well. Even our war fighting capability, something our government actually does pretty good, can be improved on.

A bit scattered here I know. This one is tough. Unlike most things it is not an easy black and white issue. At least not for me.


Jayhawk said...

Half the usual bloviators are blaming the unions for this debacle, while the other half are blaming big business and the "vuluure capatlists" who pillage and rape poor innocent little businesses.

Sigh. How about blaming changing times and a changing market which rendered their product obsolete? This business had no more chance of survival that did a factory selling steam engines to railroads.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I agree. I have not had one of these products in quite a while but I think I did buy a box of "Ding Dongs" about a year ago and noted that they seemed a good bit smaller than I remembered as a kid.

These particular idiots at this baker's union however get what they get. True it may be unlikely that Hostess would have survived a heck of a lot longer (or so we are led to believe), but at the same time these union honks could have stayed employed a while longer while they looked for better employment.

I say no unemployment for members of this baker labor organization. They were warned what would happen if they went out; they did so and lost their jobs. Basically they quit and usually there are no unemploymnt benefits to those who just up and quit a job (except under limited circumstances).

They not only shot themselves in the dork, they blasted off a whole lot of other folks genitals in the process.