Monday, November 26, 2012

Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings 11/26/2012

There were no major upsets last week in the world of Division I college football but there were some changes. It appears at this time that Notre Dame and the winner of the SEC Championship game will square off to play for the honor of being the BCS "National Champion."


1. Georgia: Until proven otherwise....

2. Alabama: Of course. Interchangeable with Georgia most likely.

3. Texas A&M: Playing the best ball perhaps at this time.

4. Oregon: Redemption to some extent with a rather convincing victory over in state rival.

5. Kansas State: Did not have to play but moves up due to FSU loss and LSU poor performance.

6. Notre Dame: Moves up a bit with a victory over USC. Undefeated but perhaps not even close to being the best team in the land. BCS honks would disagree with me here I'm sure.

7. Oklahoma: Had troubles with a very dangerous Oklahoma State squad. With the talent that is always in Norman, I am beginning to believe that Stoops might not be the man for the job. Hard to see who would be a better replacement though.

8. LSU: Had a bit of difficulty when they called on the Hogs. Lucky to escape in this pretty heated rivalry game.

9. Stanford: Took care of business. Should be undefeated at this point.

10. South Carolina: Beat their rival in a fairly close one.

11. Florida: Just not quite there yet despite the high BCS ranking. Inconsistent to say the least.

12. Florida State: Should be in the top 5 or 6 but just not quite ready it seems.

13. Clemson: Very good for the ACC.

14. Nebraska: Good for the Big Ten perhaps. Not on the level of Ohio State. Not even close.

15. Oregon State: The "other" Oregon team is pretty good. On a good day would be able to surprise anyone.

16. Oklahoma State: Better than most think. Does not really drop after taking the Sooners down to the wire. Like the "other" team from Oregon, the "other" team from Oklahoma would be capable of some major surprises on a very good day.

17. Northern Illinois: The top 4 or 5 teams in the MAC are dangerous opponents for anyone. The Huskies are perhaps the best of the bunch. The issue will be decided in a short few in the MAC Championship Game.

18. UCLA: Can be good. Can be average.

19. Texas: Ditto. Still a QB controversy. Some say this will be Mack's last season. We will see.

20. Kent State: May be the best team in the MAC. We will find out shortly.

21. Michigan: Did play OSU a good game. Perhaps ranked a bit low. Perhaps should not even be here

22. Utah State: Very good under the radar team.

23. Boise State: Will finish up this week. A rebuilding season up that way.

24. San Diego State: Coming on strong after a weak start.

25. San Jose State: Who would have thought?

On the bubble in no particular order
1. Fresno State: Could possibly move in depending on how things play out in the bowl season
2. USC: What the heck happened here?
3. Tulsa: Well, probably not.
4. UCF: Ditto
5. Northwestern: Could move up. Needs some help.
6. Arkansas State: Unlikely but there is still a chance. Meets with MTSU next week in a tough one.
With a victory against the Blue Raiders, a bowl win, and some help from teams above, there is still a chance to find their way into the final rankings.
7. Middle TN State: Same as above. Must beat ASU, win a bowl, and have some help.
8. Texas Tech: Probably not.
9. Baylor: Playing very good ball right now but it will not be enough to crack the top 25.
10 TCU: Ditto.
11. Rutgers: Actually has a chance to play in a BCS bowl. A bit hard to believe.
12. Louisville: Ditto
13. Ole Miss: Not this year. Give it a season or two and the Rebs may be a team to contend with.
14. Mississippi State: Well coached but Starkville is a very very hard place to win.

Teams under NCAA sanction are not eligible for the Bartender Cabbie Rankings.


Jayhawk said...

LSU's tackling was utterly appalling. I did not see one time that the first player to make contact brought the ball carrier to a stop. Usually it was the third. Total whiffs abounded. That was just awful.

You may be being generous to have them at eighth.

Where will Gene Chizik wind up?

Jayhawk said...

"USC: What the heck happened here?"

Lane Kiffen

Bartender Cabbie said...

Lane will win the worst coach of the year award just edging out Chizik.
Nothing was really expected out of Auburn (although no one thought it would be that bad),but USC was ranked number one and two in just about every pre season poll.