Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 6 2012 College Football Predictions

There are some good games on tap this week and one thing that can be said for this season is that there may be no great teams in Division I ball. It will be interesting.......On to the predictions for week 6. So far this year I stand at 43-7 through five weeks of ball. Hoping to continue the trend.

1. KSU vs Kansas: Conventional wisdom says that records can be thrown out the window for a rivalry game. That is often true but won't be in this case. KSU will wear down the woeful Kansas defense in short order. Wonder if the Jayhawk faithful miss Big Mark Mangino yet. Go with KSU.

2. Utah St. vs BYU: This could be a very good game. Utah State can pull off some surprises and may well be the only team to challenge Louisiana Tech for the WAC crown. BYU put a beat down on an overmatched Hawaii team last week and may have worked out some problems. We will see. This will be a toss up and I will go with the Aggies of Utah State in a close one.

3. Buffalo vs Ohio: The Bobcats are a top twenty team in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings but are not included in the AP, (you know the same poll that had Arkansas ranked 8 and Michigan in the top 10). The team from Ohio is a good, solid, well coached football team. Buffalo may not be as bad as one might think though. They will win some MAC games. The Bobcats need to be on guard here but should prevail. It may be close. Go with Ohio University.

4. North Texas vs Houston: Another evenly matched contest. UNT still has a shot at competing in the Sun Belt and while University of Houston is improving, are not yet even close to being good team. The only thing that keeps the Cougar hope alive in CUSA is the fact that, other than perhaps Tulsa, the conference is horrible. This may be close but I will have to go with Houston here.

5. Rice vs Memphis: Who is the worse team? Probably the Tigers. I will go with Rice here.

6. West Virginia vs Texas: This will be good. The game of the week some say. Others will point to some SEC match ups. No matter.  WVU will score some points in this game. Will the Longhorns be able to keep pace? That is a question that will be decided Saturday. If Texas can keep the Mountaineer offense off the field then they will win. If not? It could get ugly. I will go out on a huge limbe here and predict a Longhorn victory.

7. UNLV vs Louisiana Tech: Louisiana Tech is in the Bartender Cabbie top 25 and should be included in all polls right now. They just might be the best team in Louisiana right now. If they continue to play as they have thus far, they should be able to beat these particular Rebs with relative ease.

8. Hawaii vs SDSU: The Warriors are pretty dismal. Things are not shaping up so fine for the Aztecs at this point either. SDSU is the better team and will prevail here.

9. Georgia vs South Carolina: An important game between two very good teams. South Carolina may be just a tad over rated and Georgia is overshadowed somewhat by the Crimson Tide. This will be a close game and Georgia is marginally the better team. Georgia is either the second or third best team in the country right now and South Carolina a lower half of the top ten type squad. That being said, an upset might be in the works. I will take a gamble and go with Spurrier's squad.

10. LSU vs Florida: Are there three "games of the week." If so, this one has to be included. LSU is over rated and Florida is probably about where they should be. Will LSU come out and prove that they are a team worthy of real respect? That is a question that will be answered Saturday. I think LSU will play the type of ball they should be capable of playing but will still come up just short.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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