Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Real Debate Settled on the Frozen Tundra of Denton, TX.

I take it there was a debate Tuesday last at Hofstra University. As if that one really matters. If you think that there will be any significant change for the better in the country no matter the outcome of the election, well, I have a bridge at a reasonable price...........Will our business community quit outsourcing jobs offshore? Will we deny and revoke all student visas from Mohammedan nations? Will the border be protected? Etc. Etc. You know the answers. Be honest.

The debate  that I was interested in took place on the playing field in Denton, TX. NTSU kept their  hopes alive in the near wide open Sun Belt conference race and the Ragin Cajuns, while damaged, still have a decent shot at the conference title. 

The first half of play belong to the Cajuns. Houston transfer Terrance Broadway did a commendable job starting for the inured Gautier at QB and the defense kept the rather good running game of NTSU in check. The second half however.........NTSU played up and manhandled the Cajuns.
Having watched NTSU take on power teams (KSU, LSU) earlier in the season I came to the conclusion that they have some talent and would likely be able to compete in the SBC.  As it stands now they are 2-1 in conference with a 3-4 overall record.

The SBC has two teams undefeated in conference play (ULM and WKU), but they will face off this week and one of them has to lose. Whoever wins there will, as the hacks say, "hold their destiny in their hands." I picked ULM to edge the Hilltoppers but it really could go either way. Both teams are very good as far as Sun Belt squads go and they both just might be good teams period.

The rest of the contenders? There are 4 teams standing at 2-1 in conference play and one 2-2. The other three, including early favorite FIU, are already out of the conversation. Middle TN meets a probably over rated SEC team  (MS. State) this week and might just have enough talent to pull off a "stunning" upset. Maybe not. They did lose in their opener to a IAA squad, (albeit a pretty good one in the form of a McNeese State Cowboy squad). but have done a fairly good job since.

ULL and Arkansas State square off next Tuesday in another one of those early week television games. Another toss up perhaps and whoever wins there will continue to be in the hunt. The loser will likely be done or, at the very least, be relegated to "longshot" status.

North Texas has a bye week and will not play until Oct 27 against the Blue Raiders. They need to get their reps in if they have any chance of keeping their hopes alive. I'm sure they would like to make a statement in their last year of Sun Belt play before moving "up" to CUSA.

Troy, the last contender, must win. They meet up with FIU and, (unless the Panthers start playing like early forecasts), should win. At 2-2 in conference play the Trojans have no room left for error.

The Sun Belt Conference is fun football. Some of the big boys have learned the hard way that scheduling an SBC school can make them look foolish at their own pad. None of the teams will be in the conversation as a "BCS buster" anytime soon, but there is some darn good football played in this oft overlooked league.

Speaking of debates....... I hear there is one tonight that may have an impact on BCS standings. Oregon and AZ. State may (or may not be) a good game. ASU is only one of 5 teams in the PAC 12 that is at least somewhat capable and will be up for this one. Todd Graham has no class or character but he can coach the game and will have his team as ready as they can be for a meeting with the number 3 team in the BCS.

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