Monday, October 22, 2012

Bartender Cabbie Rankings 10/22/12 College Football

The BCS standings are out for the week and there have been a few changes. A few changes in the BCR too.........Any team under NCAA sanction is not included in the BCR.

1. Florida: Quality wins over quality opponents (LSU, South Carolina) put the Gators in the number one spot.
2. Kansas State: Ditto (although I can't really believe that WVU is quality at this point).
3. Oregon: Has played a rather light schedule thus far but put a beat down on a one loss Graham led club Thursday last. Won't prove anything against Colorado this week; unless of course they lose. That won't happen. The Buffs may well be the worst team in D1 football this season.
4. Alabama: May be the best college team in the country, but they have yet to prove it. They have had a very easy row to hoe at this point. It is hard to justify putting them above other undefeated squads that have decided the issue on the field against tougher competition.
5. Oklahoma: A good team that still has a shot at the "national title" game. Someone above must falter however. Some one will before all is said and done.
6. Oregon State: Might be ranked a bit high here but they are doing something right.
7. LSU: Somehow or other they have only one loss at this point. Will lose at least two more before all is said and done probably. One is near certain. I just don't have confidence in the offense or, more importantly, Les Miles. A quite good defense is what keeps this squad in games.
8. South Carolina: Should have and could have beaten LSU. They are a better team than the one that has shown up two weeks running.
9. Florida State: A one loss ACC team that is good against ACC type and lessor opponents. May run the table the rest of the way. May not.
10. Mississippi State: The easy part of their schedule is done. It gets tougher from here. This may be their last week in the top 10.
11. Georgia: Can be quite good. Can be average. We will really see who they are come Saturday.
12. Notre Dame: Hyped by the national media as usual. Escaped by the hair of their teeth two weeks straight. BYU or even Stanford is not Oklahoma however. The Sooners are next up.
13. USC: The best team in the PAC 12? Not likely. Still a solid bunch and dangerous opponent for anyone. They may be ranked a bit high here.
14. Stanford: Better than their record most likely.
15. TAMU: There are some bugs to work out here. Sumlin will likely have his team in contention for the SEC title next season.
16. Clemson: Looking like they can play some ball after all.
17. Texas Tech: Doing well despite being led by, in my humble opinion, a below par HC.
18. Rutgers: The best of the Big East? Perhaps. Did not show up to play in the first half against Temple. Ran off with it in the second.
19. Boise State: Should run the table the rest of the way.
20. Louisiana Tech: Doing fine. Had their chances against TAMU a bit ago but fell just short. The Bulldogs do have to play under rated and under valued Utah State and a somewhat dangerous SJSU squad before all is said and done.
21. Louisville: Another close victory against inferior competition. Good play at the QB position might be the only thing keeping the Cardinals in these games.
22. Wisconsin: Plodding along. Perhaps ranked a bit low.
23. Toledo: Beats a top 25 opponent. May be the best in the MAC. Maybe not.
24. Michigan: OK
25. West Virginia: How the mighty have fallen. It may be generous to place them in the top 25 at this point.

Teams on the bubble (in no particular order) that may find their way in when all is said and done:

Ohio: Good MAC team. Needs to kick and opponent when down. Perhaps the best of the MAC
Nebraska: Still not quite top 25 material.
Northern Illinois: Good MAC squad that is in contention for the conference title
Tulsa: Easy to forget about this group (as I did last week). They are a good team that survived a scare against lowly Rice last week. Perhaps the only team in CUSA that would be a dangerous opponent for a good may top teams.
TCU: May have a chance to move up. Perhaps not.
Iowa State: Can be dangerous
Oklahoma State: QB is hurt apparently which certainly won't help their chances down the road.
Utah State: Good team that flies way under the radar.
San Jose State: Best team than they have had out that way in many many years. Gave Stanford a scare.
Northwestern: Needs to step it up.
Michigan State: Ditto
Texas: May be able to jump in. Still trying to get around the utter beat down they suffered against the Sooners two weeks back. Inconsistent play.
ULM: Most likely the best of the Sun Belt. Moving into the top 25 is a long shot. Perhaps if they run the table the rest of the way and win a bowl game.
Duke: Good victory over NC last weekend. When was the last time a Duke team was relevant in football?
Arizona State: A very very long shot.
NC State: Ditto.
Kent State: A one loss squad that may be given a dose of reality later in the week.
Fresno State: Might sneak in if they can run the table the rest of the way.
SDSU: Like Fresno State must run the table the rest of the way. Or at least run the table and give Boise State a heck of a game and keep it very close.
Nevada: If they run the table or, like SDSU, run the table and give the Broncos a good close game.
Cincinnati: May be back

The week begins Tuesday with a good Sun Belt match up. Gotta love this game.
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