Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Games In Progress 10/27/2012

Other than the South Carolina/Tennessee match up there is not much of any real importance going on in the early games. In that match up South Carolina is in the driver seat, but Lattimore is injured, and if you saw it, is safe to assume that he is out for the season. We will see.

The Hogs are having all they can handle with the Rebs at old War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. If the Hogs lose this one it will be because of the odd looking uniforms they showed up in. They are not foofoo uniforms like an Oregon might show up in, but it just isn't SEC to jack with the traditional garb. I think South Carolina learned that the hard way a couple of weeks back.

Texas Agriculture may be successful in the SEC while Mizzou will not. Why? Can you imagine the Aggies coming out in some sort of get up that looks like it was designed by an interior dickorator?Ain't happening. The new fashion scheme in Missouri will ensure they continue to lose until they get back to the big "M" on their helmets instead of the chicken scratch they have on now. I would not be surprised if they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in their in progress contest with Kentucky. It will be the helmets.

Kansas and Texas? I am thinking this might be Mack's last season. He looks tired and his team uninspired. They trail in the third 14-7. I think they will pull a victory out of the hat here, but this Longhorn squad is underachieving at this point. Other than Colorado, Kansas is probably the worst team in a "BCS" D1 conference. They would not be able to compete in CUSA or the Sun Belt.

I thought about going to the Rice/USM game but just decided I didn't want to drive 40 minutes to watch very subpar squads go at it. Sort of regret it now. The Marching Owl Band is fun to watch.
I am still about half considering going to the TSU/Grambling game later this afternoon; mainly to see the new "soccer" stadium that TSU uses for home football games. (No I am not afraid of people of color. How could I be? I used to own a taxicab). I certainly won't be going for the football. The bands might be entertaining. Probably not though. Most likely just sit around and watch the big games kicking off later. Florida/Georgia, KSU/TTU, Alabama/MSU and of course Oklahoma/Notre Dame all have implications in the race to the big game at the end. Oregon/Colorado does also but the outcome to that one is a foregone conclusion.

On a side note; the pink accessories (what else would you call them?) that is in vogue in pro and college football has now descended to the high school ranks. I went to a game last night and, you guessed it, pink socks on the players. I know. I know, breast cancer and all that but, come on.......Enough is enough.

Have a good afternoon and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

The Florida-Georgia game was, um, well, I guess "entertaining" would be the best word to use. Hard to tell if that wes good defense, for which the SEC is quite famous, or merely feckless offense. I'm tending toward the latter. In any case it's always fun to watch Florida lose.

I do believe Gene Chisik has changed the spelling of his last name to t.o.a.s.t.

And I am looking forward to the use of pink penalty flags at the Jets-Dolphins game tomorrow. Seriously. They are going to use pink penalty flags. Some little kid came up with the idea and the NFL loved it.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I heard something about those penalty flags that will be used. The pink thing is a bit out of control.

I am thinking that it was a combination of sluggish offense and good defense in the Florida game. I have noticed that about the Gators (and Tigers) this season.