Sunday, October 14, 2012

Post Week 7 College Football Recap 2012

To say that the college game is difficult to predict would be putting it mildly. Some of the games this weekend past leave this college football fan scratching his head.

Who would have thought that WVU would fall to what I still consider a very mediocre TTU team. Granted, WVU has no defense to speak of, but the offense has been something to watch. Until yesterday it seems. Things are not so easy in the ten team Big Twelve as they can be in the Big East. Something the Mountaineers found out the hard way.

It is not a surprise particularly that Oklahoma was victorious over the Longhorns but the utter beat down is rather shocking. I can't help but wonder if Coach Brown is getting a little tired. If he is ready to retire the administration at UT will gladly help him out if there are any more embarrassments like this.

It certainly looked to me like Stanford scored on their last possession in OT against the Irish. Not saying they were robbed or anything but.........

I certainly did not see LSU being able to keep pace with South Carolina. LSU does have a very good defense but a very average offense. I figured that USC would have been able to outpace them in a very low scoring game. Not to be. Both LSU, USC (and for that matter Georgia and TAMU), can keep in mind that a one loss SEC team is historically capable of playing for the "national title." Did I forget Mississippi State? Wouldn't that be something?

KSU the only unbeaten in the Big Twelve? Appears so. They are not especially exciting to watch but somehow get the job done. They did have their hands full against a pretty capable Iowa State squad and I imagine that at some point they will get tripped up, but they are a quality team none the less.

Is there really anything else worth talking about? Well Wisconsin does seem to be gaining some equilibrium in the rather woeful Big Ten. I think they still may well prove to be the best team in conference.  Ohio State is irrelevant due to sanctions but are a good ball club. That really may be about all that is worth talking about. Not convinced that Michigan or MSU (or perhaps Nebraska) are top 25 caliber. We will see.

I will put the BCR (Bartender Cabbie Rankings) out just as soon as I feel like it. Tonight perhaps?

BTW last week I inadvertently picked 11 games and went 7-4. Total so far this year is 57-14. Not too shabby if I say so myself.


Jayhawk said...

LSU's problem on offense has been primarily with its offensive line not keeping the opponent out of the backfield. I've had some doubt about their passing game, but their running game has been there if the line would let them get out of the damned backfield. This week was the fifth ensemble, and Les Miles may have finally found the group he was looking for. They were in command of the line of scrimmage all day. Hill had 124 yards and the team total was 258 yards on the ground.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am looking forward to watching the LSU/TAMU game this weekend. The Aggies are doing better than I expected. Very good young QB along with an all around decent offense. They seem to lack defense though. The Aggies may win this one. Depends on which LSU team shows up.