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Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings 10/28/2012

The BCR for 10/28/2012. A few changes from last week......Teams that are irrelevant due to NCAA sanctions are not included in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings.

1. Alabama: Probably the best team in the country. MSU did not belong on the same field. The Tigers are up next. They don't belong on the same field either.

2. KSU: A good team that has the balance to play with Alabama and Oregon.

3. Oregon: We will see if they are the real deal in the next three weeks. They will lose a game. They always do.

4. Florida: Yes I know they lost to Georgia but the Gators would take 2 of 3 from the Bulldogs.

5. Georgia: A good team. The win in the Cocktail Party may have saved the coaching staff their jobs.

6. Notre Dame: A good win against a good team. Is it perhaps time to take the Irish somewhat seriously?

7. Florida State: Should continue to roll in the ACC.

8. LSU: They have only one loss at this point. They will have two after next weekend. Great defense keeps them in games. They will make their stops against the Tide, but not enough to match scores. LSU's offense is borderline inept.

9. Texas A&M: A dangerous team for anyone right now. Should have beaten LSU and had their chances against the Gators.

10. Clemson: Could take the ACC. A much improved team that can play with anyone except perhaps 1 and 2.

11. Oregon State: One knew they would not run the table in the PAC 12, but they still have a shot at the title. They will give Oregon and others all they can handle.

12. Oklahoma: They embarrassed themselves against Notre Dame. The Irish are a good team but should not be in the same class as the Sooners. An off day. One could feel that starting with the Sooner second series.

13. South Carolina: Had to struggle with Tennessee. Lost Lattimore. They may be rolling downhill.

14. Stanford: Keeps winning. Still may have a surprise or two up their sleeve.

15. Boise State: One loss this year has kept them out of most conversations. They should run the table the rest of the way. Offense is improving each week. Still a long way to go before they are as good as the Bronco team of the last few years though.

16. Mississippi State: Tough loss against the Tide. They have other tough ones on the schedule. They have opportunity to stay in the top 25 and ample opportunity to play themselves right out.

17. USC: They will be out to prove something. A very dangerous and angry team right now. Duck beware. They have the talent on this Trojan squad to take Oregon out of the conversation for good. They are hampered by a below par HC. A one loss PAC 12 team will not play in the big game at the end.

18. Louisville: They keep winning somehow. Something to be said for that. Well coached team.

19. Louisiana Tech: Tough games with Utah State and San Jose State coming up.

20. Texas Tech: Let KSU run away in the second half of play. Can be a dangerous opponent for a lot of top teams.

21. Nebraska: Ok. They are doing some winning.

22. Oklahoma State: Like Iowa State and Mississippi State, the Cowboys are a very dangerous team that could beat a lot of top programs on a good day. Could get blown out on a bad one also. May be ranked a bit high.

23. Toledo: They are one touchdown away from being an undefeated team at this point. Lost the opener with Arizona by one touchdown. They were not impressive against a dismal Buffalo team Saturday. Need to step up the play.

24. Northern Illinois: They Huskies only have one loss at this point.

25. Arizona: Very nice win against USC. They have been in all games except against the Ducks. May be better than most give them credit for. UCLA up next and the winner will be in the top 25 certain.

Teams on the bubble in no particular order:

1. West Virginia: They were idle last week and, fairly or unfairly, drop from the BCR rankings. Defense is horrible and the much touted offense has been exposed.
2. Kent State: May be a team that can win the MAC. Exposed Rutgers Saturday. Not a major surprise. The MAC seems to be doing well against ranked teams of late. The only thing keeping them out of the top 25 at this point is the beat down Kentucky gave them early on. That is a lot to overcome.
3. Utah State: All they do is keep winning. Could challenge Louisiana Tech in the WAC.
4. Ohio: Loss Saturday to a conference team knocks them out of the driver seat in the MAC.
5.  San Diego State: Team has improved a lot since the start of the season. Will have their hands full shortly. Boise State is coming up.
6. San Jose State: Way under the radar, but a pretty darn good WAC team.
7. ULM: The Warhawks were the "gee whiz these guys can play football and they're not even in the BCS" team of the early season. Can find themselves in the top 25 if they run the table and win their bowl game.
8. Michigan: Just not as good as predicted early. Underachievers or just a mediocre football team? Hard to say.
9. Michigan State: Pretty good win over the Badgers yesterday.
10. Wisconsin: Fall out of the top 25 this week with loss to MSU. To be frank, it is hard to understand why they are not doing better.
11. UCLA: Perhaps. Perphaps not. Next up is Arizona.
12. Tulsa: A good CUSA team that may just be good period. The Hogs will have to be on their A game if they are to compete with these particular Hurricanes. Of course Tulsa better not field the same team that almost let Rice steal one from them two weeks back.
13. Iowa State: A dangerous and often overlooked opponent.
14. UCF: OK. Perhaps. Doing well in CUSA.
15. Northwestern: Could prove something in a couple of weeks against Michigan. That would be a big win and would certain propel them back into the BCR standings.
16. Rutgers: Exposed. May have shot at the BCR top 25 before all is said and done. Would probably need to run the table.
17. Cincinnati: Ditto.
18. Texas: Probably not. They have talent on this team but are just under achieving. Looks like another QB "controversy" in the works.  A bit too late for all that. There are some problems in Austin cheif.

Have a good week and enjoy the games. Comments, no matter how rude (or stupid), are welcome.

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