Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trash Talking On a Thursday

If I was a betting man, and only if, I would wager that this Joshua Ledet will take the title as this year's American Idol. I don't watch a whole lot of these variety shows, they tend to irritate me at times, but this guy can sing like very few I have ever seen. If you saw him belt out It's A Man's World last night you know what I mean.
Interestingly enough he hails from Westlake, La. Westlake is a community of chemical plants and casinos just across the river from Lake Charles. A lot of poverty there. Like most chemical towns, the unbelievable weath associated with the manufacture just does not seem to "trickle down" (as they say) to the local community. If you have ever been to Freeport, or Galena Park, Tx, or Westlake, La. you will know what I am talking about.  Be that as it may, I don't think that Ledet has so much to worry about as far as poverty is concerned. Win or lose, he will be able to make his way (and then some) in the music business. Good for him!
 I wish this Louisianan all the luck in the world. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.

I suppose that Obama has come out now in favor of "gay marriage." OK. I have heard it called in the media as "gay for pay." or some such. Apparently some gay advocate groups have threatened withholding funds from his campaign if he doesn't play ball. So I hear anyway. He is foolish, in my humble opinion, for caving on this issue. Of course there is a fundraiser of some sort going on tonight at Clooney's humble abode. I hear the cost to hang with the POTUS is something like 40,000 a plate. That is nuts. I wouldn't pay 40,000 to dine with Ron Jeremy.
 Like I said in a recent post, the majority of America has little sympathy for the "gay agenda" and Obama catering to what is considered the extreme left "base" will likely hurt him come November.

Romney is being trashed for supposedly taking part in a cruel prank when he was in high school. So? Kids do stupid shit. All the time.  At least we have not heard about him palling around with known terrorists such as Ayers. That man (Ayers) should be in federal prison to this day. The only difference between an Ayers and a McVeigh was that McVeigh was a successful terrorist and Ayers' little group was thankfully a bunch of fuck ups. Still people did lose their lives due to the action of the Weather Underground. Ayers should have been imprisoned for the remainder of his life. Any candidate for office should know better than to have any association with such trash unless it was as a member of the prosecution team.

Joe Arpaio is under fire from the federal government. He has thumbed his nose at the DC crowd it seems. Just watch though. They will find a way to get to him.  How on earth could a Justice Dept headed by this Holder attack an American lawman for nothing more than doing the job he was hired (elected) to do? A bit of politically motivated selective "enforcement" on the part of the fedgov it seems to me.

My friend has trouble at airports. It is kind of funny really. I have a feeling that the reason he gets bothered by these TSU "agents" is that he does not have the ability that most of us have to hide his contempt. Putting on the mask of neutrality is beyond his capability. I would imagine that is why he has problem with these folk.
Years ago he and I had a discussion about this TSA program. I was of the opinion that airport security would be handled by a professional force and that force should be a federal agency. Was I wrong? I don't think I was. I still believe so, but what I did not count on was that the same minimum wage types would be manning the posts. I figured they would be weeded out in favor of those, shall we say, a bit more professional. Apparently not. Now we see the spectre of the TSA getting out of control. Just recently Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee touted a pilot program in Houston where TSA agents would be placed on city buses. We all know that crime can a problem on public transportation sure, but placing undercover cops on duty on the various modes of conveyance is a local affair.

That is about enough.

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