Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thar won't be any Homasexuuls Amarryin Over Yonder

Well I guess the voters of North Carolina have spoken. They just don't seem to want gay folk marrying each other. Fine I suppose. I frankly couldn't give a daisy chain if gay people can get legally married. It doesn't really hurt anyone that I can see, (better things to worry about it seems to me), but I just don't have a dog in this particular hunt and really just do not care. Do you? It wouldn't bother me if it was "legal" here in the Republic and it wouldn't bother me if it remained verboten. I would probably vote in favor of it if it came to blows but wouldn't really worry so much about the result.

I certainly won't boycott the products of the great state of North Carolina and I have no plans to visit anytime soon but don't think I would let the results of the vote deter me any. It just is not that important for most of us likely. To be frank, there will always be prejudice against gay folk and this is nothing more than human nature. Nothing really surprising there. Something that is seen as odd and distasteful to the majority has very little chance of really ever gaining acceptance and only a certain amount of that acceptance will ever gain traction. No matter what. Just the way it is.

As usual the screamers are screeching about "hate" and whatnot and are threatening to have the vote nullified by the courts (if possible) and (of course) want us all to boycott the Tar Heel State. Like that will happen. I don't like ACC "football" much but I might support one of the teams just to spite the screechers in our midst.

Now get in the tub Bruno while I find the lilac body wash.  We have a wedding to attend.


Jayhawk said...

Well, you know that NC voted for Obama last time. Something, maybe a little bird, tells me they aren't going to this time.

Jayhawk said...

Support "one of the ACC teams" in NC you say? Surely not Duke, though. Please say it would not be Duke.

And the Google "Please prove you're not a robot" thing sucks big time. I usually have to click for new words about eight times before I get two words that I can actually recognize all of the fucking characters. It's actually "Please prove that you can put your nose right against the fucking monitor and that you have superhuman vision."

Bartender Cabbie said...

I hate the "prove you are not a robot" thing to. Ridiculous.

Supporting Duke in football would be futile even if I was inclined to do so.

Jayhawk said...

Well, I was thinking basketball, given that "March Madness" is much more recent than the ludicrous BCS charade.

Or that thing where they run around like a bunch of headless chickens, with those netted sticks.

Okay, here I go trying to prove I'm not a fucking robot. Wish me luck.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Good luck with the robot thing. I like coach K over at Duke but I never ever root for the Blue Devils in basketball.

in the vanguard said...

Not caring makes a big difference, Cabby. It's the same as backing it because these perverts don't just get to "marry", they meanwhile or all the same while prey on innocent children who think straight and got no idea what these perverts are scheming. What you probably mean is you won't go bang their door down - but not to care is like not caring for young kids who can be hurt - let alone that our society gets sicker.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I don't know. I think that most folks who are gay are born with that "condition" and have really no choice in the matter. I don't think that most are a danger to children, although I do believe that kids should be taught that homosexuality is not to be considered "normal." I don't think that gays should be discriminated against althoug I recognize that it is part of human nature to do so.

in the vanguard said...

Bartender, you say:
"I think that most folks who are gay are born with that "condition" and have really no choice in the matter."

You consider God to be very cruel. For God prohibits homosexuality, even comparing it to bestiality (Lev. 18:22, 20:13). You believe God, therefore, would prohibit something for which He programmed man to be drawn to?

Well, know that all that God does is beneficent. Man has all the potential to desist from this perversion and that therefore this potential is wired into his nature.

You can read about this here:

Bartender Cabbie said...

"Man has the potential to desist from this perversion and therefore this potential is wired into his nature."

I would say that man has the potention to "resist" the hard wired predisposition to be homosexual perhaps. Whether they choose to is another matter. We are all tested by GOD. Perhaps "resisting" homosexual urges are part of GOD's plan for some?

I firmly believe that most (but not all) people come into this world with certain traits. OCD, ADD, bi polar, etc. are likely a part of some people's make up from the get go. Homosexuality may not be any different. It is not "normal" behavior in my opinion but, unlike some mental disorders, it is not something that can likely be "treated" by drugs or therapy.

I do not discriminate against homosexuals, but I do not buy into the idea that is it a "normal" condition either.

It is what it is and is part of the human condition. I am fully aware what is written about homosexuality in religious texts but, to be frank, am not inclined to believe that GOD does not place them on this earth for a reason.
I do not subscribe to the notion that homosexuals are necessarily "hellbound"

in the vanguard said...

I mis-typed in my previous comment.

I meant to say:
"God is good! Man has all the potential to abstain from this perversion because in no way is this so-called "tendency" hard-wired into him from birth. It would be cruel of God to prohibit homosxuality if, in fact, the tendency was built-in. That's why we know for sure it isn't pre-programmed into man's nature to behave this way.

Another thing, as I quote myself from the link I left earlier:

The act of releasing sperm into the path of excrement shows you just how vile it really is. They take the canal of human, contaminated waste as a replacement for the corridor of birth. This behavior renders sperm the equivalent of dung, rather than confer sanctity of life to the seed's potential.