Thursday, June 9, 2011

Voyeurism in The Home of the Brave

I have spoken before about the ridiculous show Jersylicious. For those not familiar with those from planet Jersey, the show concerns a group of hairdressers whose skin is actually orange,(from tanning?), much like Oompa Loompas. It should be noted though that they are taller than the little orange creatures and have enormous boobs. These young "ladies" all  dress in streetwalker chic and each and every one of them should seriously consider a career in porn. They could certainly find gainful employment in Chatsworth when America's interest moves onto the next group of swingers, hookers, or freaks. The interest in this kind of thing makes me wonder a bit. Is it normal or healthy to take such interest in the weirdo's in society? It is indeed interesting though and I must admit that I watch a bit of this show. I suppose I ought to be somewhat ashamed of myself.

The same type of thing can be seen with the public interest in the problems of "Young Anthony." The whole thing was (and still is to some extent) a media circus and is (still) being discussed a great deal on the various "news" outlets. Now it is good comedy sure. Can't get much better than a public figure with the unfortunate last name of Weiner admitting that he is indeed a cyber flasher and weenie wagger. Well sort of anyway. I certainly have had a bit of fun with it.
 Apparently Anthony does not want to resign his post and the whole thing will likely end badly for him. Now of course some in the ultra left blogosphere are braying that what Anthony has done is no worse than what many on the other side of the aisle have done.  They are correct sure, but Anthony does have one thing that none of them have. Some notoriety, and of course, again, the last name of Weiner. The whole story really should have gone away by now but the "news outlets" are biding time and lying in wait for the next big story. Remember when Libya was the hot ticket and was displaced by the horrific earthquake/tsunami? The whole Weiner story will shrivel when something else rises. I do submit though that the media would not keep it up if the public did not continue to swallow it.

Now this makes me think of some of the sickest voyeurism that is current. There are those that watch every thing there is to see on the sad sick story of one Casey Anthony who (allegedly) murdered her small child; Caylee. I saw on one of the outlets where people literally stampeded their way to the court in the hopes of getting a seat. Like this was a movie premier or something instead of a sad tale of a psychotic (alleged) murderer of a child. Pathetic. One "news channel," HLN I believe, has this "story" on for hours on end. Of course it is full of the usual "experts" and talking heads offering their legal and psychological opinions. Nonsense is what this is. Sick voyeurism of the worst kind.

It mades me wonder......why I watched it.

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