Monday, June 6, 2011

Slamming the Book (so to speak) On Weiner's Wiener

Weenergate, as it is being called, is starting to grow a little old. Of course  I must admit that it is awful hard to tire of saying "Weiner's wiener. " Still and all though, the whole thing is starting to wear a little thin. Is the photo in question Anthony's dong? I don't know for sure but I now suspect it to be so. As I noted earlier I would try to blame the Red Chinese if I were him. Be that as it may, I think it is time to close the book on "Weenergate." It probably only is headline news still because it is just too funny not to pass up. The man is named Weiner after all. Unfortunate for him I suppose but great for the rest of us.

It is interesting that these men in positions of power tend to get themselves into such trouble. It is not confined to just one side of the aisle either. Recently we have the (still ongoing) saga of John Edwards,  and of course who could forget Al Gore allegedly "standing at attention" in front of a masseuse. I suppose that one could be worse. He could have been seen standing in all his glory in front of a masseur. That would have been pretty amusing I must say. Amusing indeed. What about Newt? The man has the audacity to contemplate a run for president? I bet if one dug into the matter it would  be discovered that the Tiger has nothing on Newt. Jimmy Swaggart? Remember him? I never really understood that little "kink" in his personality. Oh well. These things seem to happen regularly and I am not sure why anyone is all that surprised. Stars in politics, religion, sports, music, etc., along with just regular guys, continually find themselves being led around by the "little man" with disastrous results. Well I guess musicians really don't count. That sort of behaviour is expected. Why else do millions of kids pick up a guitar. It often has little to do with the "love of music."

Rock on!


Jayhawk said...

So, what do you think now, Cabbie? "Sexting" with six ladies, ages unknown. Oy vey.

bartendercabbie said...

Yep. Appears the Weiner is an idiot.