Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Place Had Three Strikes But I Was Out

In a rural area not far from home today when I noticed that my gas tank was near empty. Usually I am pretty good about keeping up with such things but guess just not this time. Well I certainly was not going to run out of gas and rely on the kindness of strangers to help me out in that situation. I knew what I had to do. Did not like it particularly but a sacrifice had to be made. Not far from my location was, I knew,  the only fuel stop in the area. I had to make a small purchase.
 Now there are certain things I try not to do. One of them is buy Citgo gasoline. Now of course I know that there are a good many loyal Americans who work for this outfit but when a choice is available I will chose to take my business elsewhere. Don't want to indirectly fund an unfriendly sort of fellow. This was strike one.
Strike two was that the place was overpriced. I don't want to pay .15 more per gallon than the going local rate. Who does?
Strike three? Well the place is a Mohammedan (Pakistani) store.  I try not to shop these fair establishments.  Is that a bit too non inclusive for you? Sorry. I believe it most likely that the folk that run these stores are loyal citizens or potential citizens of the U.S., but as I have noted before I have a trust issue with the followers of the Prophet. Not saying this is the case but, again, I don't want to chance indirectly funding any unfriendly types. What that? Ridiculous?  Probably. But tell me the thought of that little scenario has not crossed your mind. At least in passing.

Be honest with yourself.


Jayhawk said...

On the Citgo thing I'm probably with you although Canada, which is our largest supplier of oil, extracts its oil from tar sands, which is the most environmentally destructive process on the face of the earth.

On the cost, well, 15¢ per gallon on a 15 gallon fillup will save/cost you a total of $2.25, which for me would not be worth the time and effort of an additional stop.

As to buying from a Pakistani a couple things. First, they probably did not own the store but were probably were just working there and it was owned by some redneck behiond the scene. (And when I use the term "redneck" it is not intended as a slur.) Secondly, when someone is working for a living rather than sitting on his ass collecting unemployment or welfare, I will happily support that effort.

bartendercabbie said...

Good point on the last paragraph. I hesitate to say such things about people but I do have trust issues.