Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bothersome Issue

I was thinking I might talk about some about important things going on in the world and our own country. You know things like the strategic disaster that is the "Arab Spring," the decline in American purchasing power, Weiner's wiener (kidding), and the state of NCAA D1 football (not kidding), but have decided to gripe about incorrect pronunciation of names instead.
As a "Texan" for going on 20 years now there are some things that I have noticed that draw my ire. Having lived in southern and central Louisiana for quite a time I know and understand the correct way to say (and spell) "coon ass" names. These folk in Texas, with the exception of the the small "coon ass" section down around Port Arthur, have no idea how to pronounce their own names. For instance there are quite a number of folk who have the last name of Peltier. Can you guess how it is pronounced in these parts? That's right; they pronounce it Pell Tear. That is just wrong damn it. Same thing with Lecompte. These folk say it as it is spelled instead of the correct "Le count." Gremillion is "Gre Million" or something that sounds like "gremlin," and Rabalais is "Rab-al-is."  Oh and Saucier is "saw seer." How could I almost forget that one? I could go on and on. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard I tell you.

How could I not be irritated by this? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.


Mike Thiac said...


That's bad enough....you see what these native Texicans do to crawfish? That is obscene :<)

bartendercabbie said...

true lol. very true.