Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Wang With Your Coffee?

I spent the last few years of my high school days in the New Orleans area. Almost did not graduate due to the lure of that fair city. Why would I sit in Spanish class when in 20 minutes I could be in The Quarter watching "prono" movies, (as my friend called them), smoking weed (with inhalation),  drinking beer and chasing tourists of the fairer gender? A lot can be done before 3:30 pm sure. I certainly have a place in my heart for that town. I suppose New Orleans and Memphis are my favorite cities in our fair nation. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. I currently live about 30 minutes or so from Galveston and really like that little town also. It reminds me so much of New Orleans in many respects. My better half will not hear of living there though. Afraid I will become a beach bum I suppose. Probably a smart move on her part. Never doubt the legitimacy of women's intuition.

Anyway I have noted that the Republicans are having (or had) their shindig down New Orleans way. Not sure if that is where I would have chosen to hold this sort of gathering. Now it is common knowledge that the city is a Democratic Party stronghold. The folks there, both pre and post Katrina, are sadly brainwashed. A large majority believe that "the man" has held them down. The fact that leftist govt policies have emasculated a large segment of the population does not register. With all that being said, if I were traveling to NOLA to participate in this gathering I would be pretty careful what I ate. Some of those hotel workers are likely not above putting "a little wang in your coffee." Enhancing the flavor a bit as it were. I probably would have brought my own peanut butter and jelly.

Choosing to hold this gathering in New Orleans is akin to holding an anti (illegal) immigrant convention in San Antonio or a "white supremacist" gathering in Memphis.

You know, come to think of it, I believe that some quasi Klan meetup was held in Memphis a few short years back. Some kind of Dr. Duke led convention or something. I would wager that there were a few episodes of "flavor enhancing" that occurred.  Here and there as the case may be.

I wanted to title this "Some cock with your cocktail?" but decided that might be going a bit far. Just adhering to community standards you understand.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I've never been to New Orleans, but it sounds AMAZING! :0)

I love the sentence: "Choosing to hold this gathering in New Orleans is akin to holding an anti (illegal) immigrant convention in San Antonio or a "white supremacist" gathering in Memphis." --That was awesome.

Jayhawk said...

The 2012 Republican convention is in Tampa, the Democratic one is in Charlotte. Don't know of any significant political conventions upcoming in New Orleans.

If I had a palatial mansion in Galveston and a tarpaper shack in the hottest corner of Hell, I would sell the Galveston place and live in Hell. said...

Yep. I understand the Galveston thing. I like it though. IT has a bit of the flavor of NOLA in some areas, both the good and bad. The Republican gathering I am talking about took place last week.

bartendercabbie said...

Yep Elisabeth New Orleans is a special place. A national treasure I think. It is pretty darn dangerous though. Got to be careful where you wander.