Monday, June 13, 2011

Professional Treatment? For What?

Apparently Anthony is seeking a leave of absence to undergo "treatment" for his "problem." I would imagine the only thing that Young Anthony is sorry for is getting cold busted being a cyber flasher and weenie wagger. Professional treatment? For being a horndog? Give me a break. One thing though; he won't ever be again taken seriously. That is assuming he ever was in the first place. Most of us just thought him a little screamer.

Sucks for him.


Jayhawk said...

Never took him seriously for a moment. He was what my dad called a "stuffed shirt."

bartendercabbie said...

Yep all hat not cattle

Anonymous said...

Should suck worse - he's a piece of lying piece of crap that still has a job on the public dime. I think what he has done would get him fired in any private sector job - why the hell is he still employed?