Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to Weigh In (I Guess)

It is customary for those of us who are patriots to support the troops when they are in the field whether or not we agree with the political motives that put them there in the first place. I hope that the action in Libya is short, swift, and deadly. Frankly I am a bit leery of our country bailing out any more Mohammedans who find themselves at odds with their respective governments. While I certainly feel for those who truly want to live their lives in freedom and enjoy democracy; I remember well the images of Muslims from this part of the world rejoicing after the attacks on Sept 11. It does seem that we put our forces in harms way to help defend those who likely hate us. Oh, sure they are friends when we are doing something to help out, but give it a few months, and those we "saved" from repressive regimes begin to turn. Nothing surprising there. I don't have reservations about the use of military force in the region per se, but prefer there be some benefit. Unhindered access to the oil fields comes to mind. Saving Mohammedans for just the sake of "saving" them is a losing prospect long term.  We are liable to find that the status quo may be better for the West than some sort of chaos. Chaos in the region has been unleashed though. We will see where it begins to lead. Directly.

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