Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today marks the 175th birthday of the great state of Texas. I have lived here for round about twenty years now and for the most part like it. I am not one of those "I got here as fast as I could" Texans though. I detest the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and while I don't detest the Houston Texans, I do find them somewhat of a joke. I am sort of a fair weather Astros fan I guess. The NBA does not even register on the radar. I also find that the "sport" of deer hunting in Texas falls more into the category of murder than a hunt. If you can feed the deer than you ain't hunting them. May as well shoot the neighbors cat. That would be just about as easy. I suppose if one strictly uses sports as a measure then I am no Texan. It is kind of hard to be so when one is a Southeastern Conference man. With that being said, I wish my "fellow" Texans a Happy B'Day. One thing I will say about Texas that can't be said for a lot of areas of the country. We are patriotic. We are not whiners (like the already infamous Wisconsin Whiners.) There just is not a whole lot of "pussin about" here. We get things done and take care of business with no apologies. I think one finds that attitude a lot in Texas, the south in general, and many western states.

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