Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interesting Man this Savage

I listened to a bit of Dr. Savage this evening on the good ole radio. This is something I really very seldom do. Not that I don't like the good doctor, on the contrary, there is just someone I prefer to listen to opposite him on a competing station. Now one thing that I have noticed about Savage, once one gets past the fact that he is fairly nuts, is that he makes a lot of sense. Usually right on the money in fact. Today I did hear him say that the average teacher's salary was about one hundred grand. That is incorrect and if not, then that is where I need to move. He can't always be right.
Now here is one thing that he is right on about though. He mentioned that the Navy is practicing PC on one of the very ships that may be involved in action with the Mohammedan enemy in North Africa. Of course he is right. The Navy has apparently released the commander of the USS Stout (and other sailors) from duty for not running a politically correct ship. Apparently there were some episodes of disorderly  conduct from some of the crew on shore liberty. What? In my day a bit of "drunk and disorderly" was the norm. Hell it was even encouraged. You just weren't a real sailorman unless you tied one on during a port call. Even visiting the local ummm gentleman's establishment was not frowned upon.  Granted most of my seagoing days were spent in the Coast Guard, but that just gave us more incentive to really do it right. On liberty I have seen a horse stolen, a transvestite kissed, an officer exposing himself on stage in a "gentleman's club" while screaming at the patrons, and the Senior Chief Engineer telling the bouncers to "take a seat" while the good Lt(jg) finished his show. They did too.  This was just on one visit to Key West. I have seen my leading petty officer come back to the ship wrapped only in a sheet after his clothes were stolen by one young "lady." I have seen another leading petty officer bitten on the ankle by a big bull dagger for daring to look at "her woman." I could go on and on. Think we were bad? Ought to check out our allies the Brits on liberty. Those guys knew how to do it the right way. The Aussies? Good Lord. Depraved behavior. It is time honored naval tradition to paint the town red on shore liberty. The Germans I noticed were a bit more disciplined but they could sure drink. With all the PC being practiced in our nation's military these days it is a wonder there is even time to learn how to fight.


Jayhawk said...

You're assuming that they have learned how to fight. Armed with popguns that don't kill what they hit, and weighed down with so much armor that they can barely move about... Their leaders are more concerned with avoiding casualties ("force protection") than they are with actually achieving any objectives. No wonder that a bunch of guys wearing robes and armed with nothing heavier than an RPG are running circles around us and beating the shit out of us.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Well said!!