Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good News for The Man of Many Names

Colonel Gadaffi (Gaddifi, Quadafi, Khaddify, Khaddafy, etc.etc.) might be one happy man today. You see the world's attention is now focused on the horrible event in Japan. Tsunami, earthquake, and the possiblity of a nuclear disaster, are the main focus now. If I were the Good Colonel (and thank God I am not) I would take this opportunity to unleash the war dogs with no restraint. He is just the sort of scumbag to do this. He is in it to win, is evil and psychotic, but apparently not stupid.
I also noticed that the Arab League has called for a "no fly zone" over Libya. "Good," I say, "get right on it." Or are they just waiting for Americans to do it for them? That would be my guess. The hell with them.

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