Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 2 2013 College Football Predictions

Well so far the U.S. and whatever "coalition of the willing" has not attacked Assad and Co. McCain continues to prove his senility wherever he may roam, Excalibur is still, after all these years, a stupid movie, and my work load is off the charts. Despite all this the second week of the 2013 college football season must be played....Last week I went 6-4. Let's see how this one plays out....

1. Houston vs Temple: The Coogs proved nothing in their beat down of a SWAC opponent last week. The Owls are a bit of a mystery. This one could prove to be a good one and I will go with the team from Houston in a close one.

2. SE Louisiana vs TCU: The Frogs lost to the "premier" team in Louisiana last week and will take it out on this lower level FCS opponent. This one is a no brainer.

3. Chattanooga vs Georgia State: Georgia State transitions into the upper division but they are still, in reality, a lower tier FCS squad. The Mocs are habitual lower tier FCS in their own right. This one is a toss up and I will go with the team from Tennessee.

4. SDSU vs Ohio State: Some folk say this is the year of the Buckeye and I may be inclined to agree. Time will tell. SDSU may yet have a decent squad this year (although last week they sure didn't show it) but likely will not be able to hang long with the team from Ohio. Wouldn't it be nice though............Nothing is more annoying than Buckeyes and their fans except for perhaps the honks of Notre Dame.......Go with the Ohio team here.

5. South Carolina vs Georgia: This is the big one of the week (Florida and Miami notwithstanding). Georgia was tripped up last week against a Clemson squad that may be a dark horse in the race for the national title. South Carolina, also a dark horse, will have just enough in the tank to edge the Bulldogs here. I will go with the Gamecocks in a close one.

6. Notre Dame vs Michigan: Some folks tout this as the big game of the week but let's be honest. Neither will make any noise in the national race. Notre Dame was over rated all season last and are no better this year. Michigan is a  good team for the Big Ten and not much more. This one is another toss up and I will flip the coin and go with the Wolverines.

7. La. Lafayette vs KSU: NDSU came to town last week and "upset" the Wildcats. In reality NDSU would be a top 25 team would they play in D1. The Cajuns had a horrible outing against the Hogs last Saturday and, if week one is any indication, are not as good as they were season last. I would go with the Wildcats here.

8. Sam Houston vs TAMU: One thing that was confirmed last week after the Aggie opener is that this "Johnny Football" is an ass. An over rated arrogant ass if truth be told. We also learned that a top level FCS, (ok I will get on the bandwagon and refer to the lower division as FCS), squad is every bit as good as just a whole lot of teams in what was formerly referred to as Division I. Sam Houston is one of those teams. Not quite the squad that North Dakota State is likely but a dangerous opponent for anyone outside of the top 10 in "big time" college ball. That being said, it is not likely that SHS will have what it takes to upend the Aggies. This would be another "wouldn't it be nice" game.......

9. Duke vs Memphis: At least the Tigers aren't playing a powerhouse in their opener. We will soon see if Memphis is going to be as inept as they are usually. I would go with Duke here.

10. Arkansas State vs Auburn: Auburn may be somewhat better than they were last season. The Red Wolves probably have fallen off a bit. That would make this a good game likely. I will go out on a limb and predict an upset of sorts here and go with the team from Arkansas.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

"Notre Dame was over rated all season last..."

Heh. San Diego Chargers drafted Manti T'eo in the first round, having not yet learned the folly of signing drama queens to play a man's sport. He was in action during preseason for a grand total of six plays, and injured his foot during a play in which he made no contact with anybody. The injury has already sidelined him for two games and will keep him out of the season opener Monday night.

I think his imaginary girfriend kicked him in his imaginary balls.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I had just about forgotten about T'eo to be honest.
I sort of figured that Rocky Long would be the guy to keep SDSU competitive but it looks like it could be a long season for them.

We will see how Hoke turns out at Michigan. I am sort of expecting the Wolverines to be more of the same but maybe he is the one....