Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well Maybe Pizza Does Make the World Go 'Round

It goes without saying that oil and petrochemical industry is the engine that fuels the economy of the United States, but I would say that without coffee and soft drinks things would move at a much slower pace. Who can deny that without that first cup of mud many of us are just not ready to face the day?  Some folk use soft drinks in the same manner though I personally would rate sugary cold drinks a poor substitute. Oh yes, that does include those iced coffees. Gotta be hot or it ain't the real deal. I suppose that is a matter of opinion though.

Recently one below par pizza chain (let us be honest) has had advertisements on the tube telling us that without pizza a whole lot of things just would not get done. Funny but they may have a point there. All of us, at one time or another, have had to work late to get something accomplished and pizza was ordered to pacify the herd. It can be argued that pizza does indeed help fuel the economy I suppose. Who would have thought the pizza delivery boy is an integral part of the economy. In some parts I guess Chinese take out has the same effect. Or so it seems in the movies.........


Also in the movies (and only there) this is what shows up to deliver your pie. Real life? Not so much, and that my friends and countrymen, is a damn shame.

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