Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 6 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week I went a 9-1 with a total for the season of 36-14 straight up. If it wasn't for the LSU defense staying at home it would have been a 10-0 week.
Let's take a look at the predictions for next week.

1. UCLA vs Utah: I am going with UCLA here. It is time to show what they are about. Of course, the Utes are no longer a good team and a victory over them may or may not move the Bruins up in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25. A loss would certainly drop them significantly.

2. Texas vs Iowa State: The Longhorns will be out to prove they are a team worth watching. They  aren't.  Iowa State is coming off a nice win over Tulsa but that doesn't say too much this season. The Horns should win this one but it may be close.

4. WKU vs ULM: Early in the season I figured the ULM was the class of the Sun Belt. They still might be but I kind of doubt it.  I would go with the Hilltoppers here despite them being coached by the Petrino scum.

5. Louisville vs Temple: A no brainer here. Go with Bridgewater and CO. to decimate the Owls. Maybe they will have some sympathy and not score 70 points.

6. Kansas State vs Oklahoma State: This one might be good. Snyder needs to figure out which QB he intends to lead this team. Frankly I would go with Sams. OSU will be out to prove that the loss to WVU was an anomaly. It wasn't.  This game is a toss up and I will go with KSU.

7. Fresno State vs Idaho: The Vandals finally won one. Good for them. Temple ain't Fresno State however. Even if the Bulldogs play below what they are capable of (as they did last week against Hawaii), they should still have enough in the tank to take this one from the Idaho. The Vandals should have retained Akey. Getting rid of him was almost as stupid as Fresno State sending Pat Hill packing.

8. Arkansas vs Florida: This is a rather important SEC game. No it is not Bama/LSU or even LSU/Georgia but the game may well have bowl implications. The Hogs did have some success in stopping that ass "Johnny Football" and the Gators have no comparison to that wily little scammer. I would go with the Hogs to pull off a minor upset here and drop Florida out of the rankings altogether.

9. Oregon vs Colorado: Well at least I am not padding my stats with the Bama/Georgia State match up. Go with the Ducks in a big way. If they win in normal fashion it is possible they will move ahead of Alabama in the Bartender Cabbie rankings on general principals alone. 

10. LSU vs Mississippi State: The Tigers will be mad as hell from letting one slip away last week in Georgia. The Bulldogs of MSU are certainly not the 'Dogs of Georgia but they will be out to prove they belong in the SEC conversation. They don't, but they may still give the Tigers a good game none the less. I would go with LSU. It may be closer than expected.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

I'm amazed you did not include USC so that you could comment on the tragedy of the team no longer being coached by Lane Kiffin. Gloom and disaster.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Lane getting fired start the long rebuild process. They may look better week one after getting rid of that train wreck.