Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bartender Cabbie College Football Top 25 9/15/2013

Week three of the college football season is in the books and there are no real surprises. At least not yet.

1. Alabama: Look for Nick and CO. to be in the big game at the end. Again.

2. Oregon: Top notch talent that destroyed a lower level SEC squad. The victory wasn't a surprise but the margin was an eye opener.

3. Texas Agriculture: Johnny Football is the real deal. Perhaps he will grow up some before long. Probably not though.  Defense is a bit suspect perhaps.

4. Clemson: The class of the ACC and could challenge for the national title before all is said and done.

5. Georgia: Right behind BAMA and TAMU.

6. South Carolina: One mediocre outing does not count them out. A threat in the SEC.

7. Florida State: Perhaps ranked a bit high. A quality team none the less.

8. Louisville: A sluggish start against an inept team keeps them down a bit. To be fair it was against their cross state rival. Never can tell about a rivalry game..

9. Ohio State: The competition level has them looking like a top 5 team. They aren't. Yet.

10 LSU: Miles is coach. Probably won't rise higher. He will single handedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at least once this season. It's what he does.

11. Miami: Believe it. Al Golden will bring them a top 20 finish this season.

12. Oklahoma: The best in a mediocre Big Twelve.

13. Stanford: Probably not the team they were the last couple of years.

14. UCLA: Moving up. Shedding years of mediocre performance. Well coached.

15. Michigan: Quality win over Notre Dame two weeks ago. Embarrassed by a very close call with a lower level MAC squad. A well coached team that could move up. Or down.

16. Baylor: Possibly ranked a bit low. One of the best coaches in the game today.

17. Texas Tech: A good deal of speed equals a top 20 finish in the polls. Has to shed the disaster that was Tuberville.

18. Northwestern: OK. Some say they are a quality squad and I will give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.

19. Oklahoma State: Has yet to play a real game. A lot of negative allegations may become a distraction here.

20. Washington: OK. Might be a good team.

21 Utah State: May be the best of the MWC. Will be challenged by Boise State and Fresno State.

22. Ole Miss: Perhaps ranked a bit low.

23. Boise State: May finish in the top 25. A bit of an off year in Boise.

24: Notre Dame: OK. Maybe.

25: Florida: Over rated. A bit of a stretch to include them at this point.

On the bubble (in no particular order):
Rice: Rice? Yep.
Fresno State: May make it in before all is done. Would have traded them out with either Boise or Utah State had they played and (of course) beat Colorado. The game was ppd due to a flood disaster in Colorado.
Wisconsin: A let down yesterday.
Houston: Next week will be a challenge
Auburn: Better than last season. Way better. Well coached and will reach a bowl game.
Vanderbilt: Not the worse team in the SEC. By a long shot.
Mississippi State: Ditto.
Penn State: Over rated but will win some games
Navy: The best of the service academies. Again.
Ohio: May make noise in the MAC. Top notch HC.
Northern Illinois: Ditto.
Oregon State: Not sure what we have here.
Toledo: Another good MAC team.
Kent State: Well coached and could make some noise in the MAC
Arkansas State: May be the best of the Sun Belt and the best team in the state (sorry Hogs fans). Defeated Troy and will be further challenged by ULM. ULM has the best QB and one of the best receivers in conference but it might not be enough to unseast Arkansas State.
West Virginia: We will see what Dana really has before long. Hung tough with a good Sooner squad a while back.
Kansas State: Never count out Snyder. He does wonders with often mediocre talent.
TCU: Not as good as originally advertised. Looks like a rebuild.
UCF: Good win yesterday. This could be a top 25 team.
Arizona: Well coached.
Arizona State: Coached by a fool, but the guy does seem to know how to win. May make some noise in the PAC 12.
Nebraska: Could squeak into the Top 25. How the mighty have fallen.
Washington State: Could break in. The Pirate may be just what the doctor ordered here.
Arkansas: Trying to come back after the program was near destroyed by Petrino. Smith didn't help matters either. Probably has the right coach at the helm now.
ULM: May challenge for the Sun Belt. Would have to run the table to have any possibility of a top 25 finish. Should lose to Baylor next week but may make it closer than expected.
USC: Horrible coach. Should win year in and year out with the talent they have on the field. Still a possible top 25 finish in store.

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